Thursday, July 04, 2013

Laying Low in the Wylde Kingdom

I discovered from reading the Woodlee blog that Sebastian's Potion Shop was abandoned, and empty.

So Harley and I moved in.

We needed a base of operations IN the Wylde Kingdom, but somewhere we wouldn't be bothered or easily discovered.

The Potion Shop is perfect.

We'll settle here for a bit, try to lay low and see if we can find any of the other pixies tomorrow.

For now, I think it's bedtime. That was a long trip here from Norm's, and we're going to need to be well rested if we're going to take back the Kingdom.

Night night.

- Miri


  1. Oh, covert operations. Good one! You go girl, take back the Kingdom!
    (By the way, those sleeping bags look mighty comfy). I am glad you have Harley there with you. Have a good night's rest.

  2. Sure hope you find others! Sweet dreams, Trilby

  3. Good luck, Miri and Harley! I just hope the kingdom takeover isn't violent!

  4. You rock, Miri! Take back what's yours. I've tricked the Woodheads into coming. They think they are here on a jolly, but I've got plans. Mwahahahahaha.... btw it helps to keep the Hoomahn thinking I'm an angel, but we know differently. *snicker*

  5. Hello from Spain, i really like your furniture. I wish you find others. Awesome pics. Keep in touch