Monday, July 15, 2013

Visting Tabby's Toy Shop

Miranda: So, I was totally right. Tabby liked the idea of having her own shop, and especially a toy shop.

Miranda: Her's isn't the only new business though. This is new. "The Red Front: General Merchandise".

Miranda: I don't know who E.B. Gearhart is, but I hope he opens his store soon. We've been needing a general store in the Kingdom for a long time.

Miranda: Sebastian and Eris don't seem to be at the shop tonight. Maybe they're done setting up and taking an evening off? They've been working awfully hard.

Miranda: And this little plant shop, I know who's going to run it, but she asked me not to say anything about anything until she's ready to open.

Miranda: Something about secret partners and super special exotic plants or something. I dunno. I couldn't tell you even if I did know, I guess. But it'll be awesome when she's ready. That I CAN tell you.

Miranda: And there's Tabby's place! It really is a pretty cute little shop.

Miranda: She's still getting all set up, and I don't know if she was just going to open or have some kind of grand opening or what. But she said I could come by and see tonight if I wanted.

Miranda: And there she is! The proprietress her self! Hey, Tabby!

Tabby: Oh! Hi!

Miranda: This place is AMAZING! Just look at everything! WOW!

Tabby: Well, it's not all set up yet, but...

Miranda: Got a name picked out yet?

Tabby: Well... I...

Tabby: No... I got some really good suggestions from Wendy's friends on the internet, though. I'm thinking really hard about it. I just want it to be a good name.

Miranda:That's a pretty good start. You'll figure it out.

Miranda: Bunny! Stuffed bunny! I'll be your first customer! I'll take him!

Tabby: *laughing* I don't have a cash register yet, but take him and pay me later. Okay?

Miranda: Okay! And so I'm Tabby's first customer... kinda.

Tabby: Thank you for coming by and visiting, Miri. And you too blog reader people! Thank you!

COMING SOON! Tabby's store.... um.... whatever she decides to call it. :)

- Miri


  1. Wishing you the best of luck, Tabby! Very cute shop and the new business district is truly amazing! I have a very jealous little redhead sitting here right now, nose in the air, arms akimbo, foot tapping--name starts with T.
    Sound like anyone you know? '0)

  2. I love it! And now Caroline wants to do all the shopping there.

  3. Tabby sure didn't waste any time setting up her toy store! It is looking really good. She has some lovely toys for sale, and I love the bunny you bought (or are buying!).
    The general store seems rather intriguing too! Looks like a bit of history behind that one. So exciting!

  4. What a fantastic place! Wish I could visit. Tabby's Treasures came to mind when I saw all the wonderful toys, though I didn't see any skellies or skull toys. Maybe she's not into Goth. Still nice stuff though.
    I look forward to seeing the other shops open, too.
    Great freebie there, Miri, until you pay up, that is. LOL

  5. Hey Ann! I'll send your well wishes on to Tabby. I know she'll appreciate them. I think she's a little nervous about this shop thing, though I think she's doing awesome. And it sounds like you'd better get cousin T's shop done FAST!

    Thanks, Maddy! Send her on down! It might be a bit of a tight fit though, maybe Tabby needs to add a drive thru window?

    Hi Isabelle! Nope, she didn't! We're so lucky 'cause there were a bunch of toys in that huge bunch of miniatures we were sorting, so she had stock just kind of fall into her lap. I think there is a story behind the general store, though I don't know it yet. It followed Wendy home from work and needs some refurbishing, I guess. Having buildings follow her home is better than when it was dolls, at the old job. That's for sure.

    Hi NyXyz! Come on down! Well... that would be quite a flight to come to a toy store, I guess. I'll just try to take more pictures so it FEELS like you're here with us. :) I dunno how Tabby feels about Goth stuff. Maybe she's waiting until Halloween? I guess we'll see. And no freebie rabbit! I wanted to be the first customer and pay her right there. No one else better pay her before I do, or I just become the first shoplifter!

  6. zorropirate7:59 AM

    Of course Miri picked out the bunny!! :D


  7. lol... she needs a till so you can pay. I'll be watching for my favourite time of the year then. Halloweez is so much fun and my Nook has all sorts of Gothic stuff, plus glitz and glamour. I'm a Firefly, I demand such from my Guardian. No glitteringz? I bitez her.
    I wouldn't bite you or the Pixiez though. Only the Guardian.... and really only a nip. I don't want her becoming a vampire. Mwahahahaha...

  8. That is quite a set up! I've said it before: is everybody living in a Tardis but me??
    LOL @ blog reader people :-)
    We must look odd to them, following their lives from behind our screen, scrolling away... Kinda like fish in a fish tank.