Monday, July 22, 2013

Emi Returns

Wendy here.


She must be an official assistant, she has a desk!

About a million years ago, when I still lived in the Treehouse and started playing with dolls, I had a doll who was my assistant. Her name was Emi.

Even not feeling well, she's so pretty.

I thought she was lost to me. Her vinyl went all sticky and she became a dust magnet. I thought about re-shelling her, but it never felt right. So I kept her in a box and mourned my beautiful, purple haired assistant.

And now, she's back.

Emi's back!

I took a chance and cleaned her vinyl with this special, heavy duty vinyl cleaning stuff that I got online and it took away the sticky! She's AWESOME! She's BACK!!! YAAY!!!!!

Emi says "When did we get a turtle?" She's got some catching up to do.
Welcome back, Emi. I missed you more than I can tell you.

- Wendy


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Welcome back, Emi! :) - Lily

  2. Applause! Standing ovation even ;) Welcome back Emi!
    Wendy, I am so glad you were able to "fix" Emi. She is such a great help.

    Barb N and the gang.

  3. Hello from Spain, EMI is fabulous now. Great long hair

  4. Hi Emi! I am so glad that Wendy was able to heal you!

  5. Hey, Lily! She says "Thanks". I need to get her a profile set up on the blog again so she can say such things herself. :)

    Thanks, Barb! Me too. I missed her so much. She WAS a very helpful lady, and I'm so grateful that she's back. We've got some settling in to do (like figuring out where her desk should go, that kind of thing) but it's going to be wonderful. I am so happy!

    Thanks, Marta! I love her purple hair. And it's so SOFT!

    Me too, Isabelle. Me too. :) Thank you!!

  6. That's great that you found a product to clean her up. I'm sure Emi is very happy to be out of that box and all clean again. welcome back Emi!

  7. I am delighted that she is back! She looks so glamorous and yet so no-nonsense at the same time! Welcome back, Emi!

  8. She's gorgeous!

  9. Thanks, Bama! I'm really glad too! And I think she's VERY happy to be out of the box and back to work. She'll get the Kingdom sorted out in no time. :)

    Thanks, Lou Whoish! Me too! And that's a good description of Emi. I think she's so beautiful, but she doesn't see herself that way, and she's a VERY no nonsense, "getting things done" kind of girl. Which we kind of need right now. :)

    Thanks, Maddy! I think so too. I'll tell her you said so, even though it will embarrass her a little. :)

  10. Anonymous10:33 PM

    She's ever so lovely! Much like yourself Wendy!

  11. Emi is back! Hooray for sticky stuff cleaner!