Monday, October 01, 2007

Epidemic - Pt 1

Devika: (humming to self. Knocking.) Hello? Lily? Rooooose? Mr. Thorne sent me to see how you were! Hello?

Devika: (knocking again) Hello? (quietly) Mr. Thorne said he couldn't get a hold of you by the phone and Emi has...

(door creaks open)

Devika: ... oh...

Devika: Hello? Anyone?

Devika: Oh!!! Oh no!

Devika: Hello?

(fluttering noises)

Devika: Uh... Rose? Lily?

(loud fluttering)

Devika: (quietly) Oh no... this is just terrible. Anyone? Rose! Lily! Are you here? Please?

Rose: (weakly) Devika... is... is that you?

Devika: EEEP!

(loud fluttering noises)

(to be continued)