Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blood of My Blood Pt 12 - The Dream Lady

Rook: (whispering) Sesshy, I... (collapses)

Sesshy: Rook!!! It's her! It's HER!!! It's the Dream Lady!!! DREAM LADY!!!

Sey: Sesshy!!!

Sesshy: You're really here this time, hu?

Sey: (laughing with tears in eyes) Yes, I'm really here this time. I am so glad I found you and you're SAFE! I was so scared for you, after the cage fell.

Sesshy: I told him you would come.

Sey: Who? Your friend there?

Sesshy: Yeah! Rook! Come meet, Rook. He's hurted.

Sesshy: This is Rook, and he saved me and he flewed me out of the dungeon and then we crashed and he got hurt and he slept and I guarded him and then I brought him berries and do you think Daddy will let me keep him?

Rook: (very weakly) Glad to meet you... Dream... Lady...

Sey: Hello, Rook. I am no dream lady, but I am grateful for your helping Sesshy out of that dungeon. You're wounded, and you're bleeding. Here, let me see...

Rook: (sharp intake of breath)

Rook: (holding hand away) Please... I....

Sey: I... um...

Sesshy: Ooooooooooooh!

Sey: (ahem) This is more than I could help with in the field anyway... we need to get you back to the Treehouse, to the healers there. Both of you up on Ruska, and I'll lead.

Rook: Lady, it wouldn't be proper. Not for me to ride, and for you to walk.

Sey: You are wounded, and you can barely stand, much less walk. And you cannot imagine how little "proper" means to me now. Now... Get. On. The. Horse.

Rook: (sheepishly) Yes, Lady.

Sey: Okay, both of you settled?

Sesshy: This blanket is cozy!

Sey: I am sorry, Rook. I didn't know you would be here, or I would've brought you one as well.

Rook: (smile) It's all right, I didn't have time to bake you a cake either, Lady.

Sey: (laughing) All right then. We've got a long ride ahead of us. Ready?

Sey: (quietly, gently petting horse) Are YOU ready, Ruska? It's going to be a long walk, my good girl, but I'm very worried about Rook, and we need to get him to the healers just as fast as we can. We might have to walk all night.

Ruska: (nickering)

Sey: Good girl, Ruska. Okay, let's go home.


Sey: What the? OH MY GOODNESS!

Rook: Lady, where... where are we?

Sey: We're home. We're back at the Treehouse. But how can that BE?!