Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blood of My Blood Pt 7 - The Lady Vanishes

Maddy: (knocking lightly) Sey... I know you didn't want to be bothered, but you really should come have some breakfast, even if it's a little late and.... Sey?

Maddy: (reading note) Oh! Oh no!!! SOSHKAY!!!!


Nerayda: Well, that does change everything, Soshkay. Thank you for feeling like you could trust me with this. And I certainly understand your discretion in this matter.

Soshkay: It needed to be known, Lady, but not publicly.

Nerayda: Indeed.

Nerayda: Poor Sey. To have not only a connection to Sesshy, but one that powerful... and that she doesn't even understand! Oh, no wonder she was so angry at us for not listening. I can only hope that she'll forgive us. And poor YOU! To have kept such a secret, Soshkay, for so long. To let your soldiers, and everyone believe you had fathered a half-demon child. (shaking head) Your love for her, oh it's so endless, and romantic, and wonderful. (dreamy sigh)

Soskhay: I have sworn my life to her, Lady, and with it, my love.

Nerayda: Well, I felt Kellan leave the grounds shortly after our meeting ended. But I'll gather up the other two Wizards and tell them, and then...

Maddy: SOSHKAY!!!!

Soshkay: Maddy! What's wrong?

Maddy: It's Sey! She's GONE!!

Soshkay: (reading note) "I have gone to find Sesshy. I will return with her, or not at all. - Sey". We have to find her. She couldn't have gone very far, and she couldn't have left without you feeling her leave, right, Nerayda?

Nerayda: (nodding) She couldn't have passed through the wards without all of the Wizards knowing. We'll find her, and tell her we're so sorry and that we'll help her. She doesn't have to do this on her own.


Sey: (humming quietly to self) I wonder if they've noticed we're gone, Ruska? I wonder if they'll even care...