Friday, October 05, 2007

Blood of my Blood Pt 3 - Retreat to Dreams

Soshkay: Maddy! How is Sey?

Maddy: (sigh) She's gone back to sleep, and asked to please not be disturbed under any circumstances.

Soshkay: Oh... she's trying to see Sesshy again...

Maddy: Yes, I think so. And I think she's really very angry at me, Soshkay. For not believing her...

Soshkay: Well, I am meeting with Nerayda, the Wizard of Water, after the Wizards are done with their meeting, to see how they want to proceed. I can't tell you yet, Maddy, but there IS a connection between Sey and Sesshy. I believe her... I believe she really is seeing Sesshy, and that might mean Sesshy IS alive...

Sey: (in half asleep voice) Sesshy... I'm coming back... I told you I would... Sesshy... wake up....

Sey: (gently) Sesshy.... wake up, little one.

Sesshy: (mumbling)

Sesshy: What... hmm? OH!

Sesshy: Oh HI Dream Lady! You came back!

Sey: I told you I would. See?

Sesshy: Is my Daddy coming to get me?

Sey: (sigh) Not yet, little one. But you won't be here much longer. If I have to come get you myself, you'll be freed.

Sesshy: Okay. It's so cold here... your hands are so warm. Thank you for coming back.

Sey: I wanted to come back and... wait... I'm touching the bars. I'm touching YOU!

Sesshy: Yeah?

Sey: So maybe I can find a way to open the cage and get you out.

Sesshy: Oh!

Sey: There isn't any kind of lock or anything... maybe it just opens up here from the top?

Sesshy: ... maybe you'll be able to bring me back with you, and then I could see my Daddy and be home... and get a drink of water and...

(snapping noise... cage falls)


Sey: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sesshy!!!!!

Sey: Oh! Oh no! I have to find her!