Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Epidemic - Pt 2

Rose: Devika... Thank goodness....

Devika: Oh, Rose! What on earth are you doing behind the couch? What HAPPENED?

Rose: Oh Devika... (sniffle) it is so horrible....

Rose: Our modeling career... it is over. Lily has... she has whooping crane.

Devika: Oh, Rose. Where is she?

(fluttering noises)

Rose: I have locked her in the dressing room... for her safety as much as mine. (sniffle)

Devika: Okay, Rose, we're going to go tell Zane and Mr. Thorne what's happened, and they can...

Rose: NO! How can I leave my sister alone, in such a delicious condition?!

Rose: Oh! What am I saying? In such a DELICATE condition! She is so very sick, Vee. She's turned, turned completely. She was nearly a super morsel! GAH! Super MODEL... nearly a super MODEL.

Devika: That's it. We are getting you out of here right now.

(furious fluttering noises from dressing room)

Rose: I don't feel so well myself, actually...

Devika: You might be coming down with it too. We're taking you straight to Zane and Mr. Thorne, and they'll know just what to do to set it everything right for both of you. (quietly) I hope.