Friday, October 12, 2007

Blood of my Blood Pt 6 - Hard Landing

Sesshy: WHA? Where... what...? Where am I? Oh! We crashed... that's right! We CRASHED! Ugh...

Sesshy: But I feel okay. Nufin' broked. We crashed on some really soft fluffy grass. Good landing, Rook! Rook? I wonder where Rook is?

Sesshy: ROOK!!!

Sesshy: Oh no... Rook? Are you alive?

Sesshy: Well, you're breathing. And that's good. You keep doing that, okay, Rook? And I'll keep you safe 'til you wake up.

Sesshy: And it'll be okay, 'cause I think we're safe here.

Sesshy: Wherever "here" is....