Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blood of my Blood Pt 4 - Sesshy On the Loose

Sesshy: Ooof... I'm out! We go out!

Sesshy: Hello? Dream Lady? She's gone. So, now where do we go?... um.... this way....

Sesshy: EEP!!! Let me goooooo!!!!

Sesshy: I climb up here... away from the grabby things.

Sesshy: Oooh... what's this?

(soft rustling sound)

Sesshy: It looks like it might be something from some kind of...

Sesshy: BUG!!! EEEEP!!! (falling) OOF!

Sesshy: Ugh... stupid bugs. Can't get me up here can you? I just climb over this stupid rock and... OH! Wuzzat?