Monday, October 29, 2007

Tea With Emi

(sounds of coughing in the hallway)

Wendy: Hmm, who's that?

Wendy: Emi? EMI!

Emi: Hey, Wendy!

Wendy: How are you? Where are you going? Are you supposed to be up and around? They said...

Emi: "They" can just stuff it. I am having the worst craving for jasmine tea, so I thought I would wander down to the kitchen. And I'm doing much better, really. I don't know why "they" still have me on bedrest. I'm just a little woozy is all.

Wendy: Uh, "woozy" and "huge flight of stairs" don't seem like they'd go so well together. Can I give you a lift to the lower floor, madame?

Emi: Sure! Thanks. I would've been okay on the stairs, except I can't find my glasses. I don't need them to see my laptop, but stairs...

Wendy: Uh... Emi. They're on your head, sweetie.

Emi: Oh, well... duh. (laughing)

Wendy: Let me take you down stairs and we'll get you some tea, okay?

Emi: Okay.

Emi: Wow, this carpet looked better with my glasses off.

Wendy: (snort) Well, now that you're all better YOU can vacuum.

Emi: Yeah. (laughing)

(Wendy and Emi head downstairs, but Emi wants to walk to the kitchen herself because she's stubborn like that.)

Emi: Hey! The Seaview is here!

Wendy: Yeah, we moved it over about a week or so ago I guess.

Emi: I've been reading about it on your dad's blog, but I didn't know it was over here.

Wendy: Well, I put an entry about it being here on my Livejournal.

Emi: You have a Livejournal now? What, you didn't have enough blogs to not update already?

Wendy: (harumph)

Emi: (contented sigh) The sun feels good. They had me cooped up in that North bedroom with no windows. Something about whooping crane causing people to throw themselves at the glass, to get out or something. (shrug)

Wendy: Well, I'm glad you're better now, Emi. I wish I could've come visit you.

Emi: Oh yeah... they wouldn't let anyone come visit me, which was total horsepucky. I haven't been contagious for weeks. Zane told them there wasn't any reason for me not to have visitors. Oh, and they wouldn't let me have my laptop! Though Zane couldn't figure out a reason for that either.

Wendy: But you had your laptop, you said you read Dad's blog?

Emi: Yeah, Thorne finally hired the Baha kitties to swipe my laptop from my desk and sneak it in to me.

Wendy: Why wouldn't they let you have your laptop? Wait... if Zane wasn't the one keeping people from visiting you, or keeping your laptop away, who was? (timer dings) Tea's ready. Shall we move over to the couch? By the window, of course. (smile)

Emi: (smile) Sounds lovely.

Wendy: Okay, so if it wasn't Zane making all these crazy rules, who are "they"?

Emi: The Wizards. Those four elemental wizards.

Wendy: I had no idea they were involved in your care at all! I thought they were tending to Lady Sey.

Emi: Yeah, that's going well. I read YOUR blog too, and she ran away because she was sick of them. I can't blame her. They're control freaks, and we need to watch them.

Wendy: I think they're here to help, though. Don't you? I mean...

Emi: I did some research into them, on the web, of course. And it turns out all four of them were thrown out of their last kingdom where they served as Wizards to the Court. Something about them being considered "a threat to the authority of the throne" but I couldn't find more detail than that.

Wendy: Wow, that's not good. That's not good at all. I wonder what they did? Well, we'll just have to ask them.

Emi: I don't know if that's wise. I'll research some more and see what I can find out.

Wendy: Meh, I'm much more direct about things. They're kind of busy right now with trying to arrange throw Rook out after he's all healed up, but...

Emi: They're WHAT?!

Wendy: Well, they said that Rook might be a threat to Sey, so they were going to....

Emi: Darn it. I spilled my tea. They can NOT throw Rook out! Respectfully, Wendy, what are you THINKING letting them do such a thing?!?

Wendy: Uh, well it made sense when they said it.

Emi: Oh for pity's sake. I am covered in jasmine tea. Well, now they'll HAVE to give me back my clothes, won't they.

Emi: Does Thorne know about this? About them throwing Rook out?

Wendy: I don't know. Maybe not.

Emi: Well, I'll bet he doesn't know. He would never stand for such a thing. And I'd wager he'll have a few words for them when he DOES find out!