Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blood of My Blood Pt 8 - To See the Oracle

Nerayda: What a time for Kellan to have left! We could've...

Kellan: I haven't left. I'm right here.

Nerayda: But we FELT you leave!

Asheron: Hmmm, unless what we felt was your Cloak of Air leaving. Where is your cloak, Kellan?

Kellan: I must've left it down in the stables, when I came in from my morning ride.

Asheron: Kellan, the Lady Sey has gone... and I'll bet...

Soshkay: So it was Sey you felt leave, wearing the cloak, but that was only a few hours ago. She couldn't have gone THAT far. There are other horses. We are wasting time! We could still catch up with her!

Ixya: Thorne has told us we cannot leave the grounds, because of the Whooping Crane epidemic. And that's a very sensible, grounded decision.

Asheron: And frankly, Soshkay, if she's on one of our horses, she could be thousands of miles away by now. You see, the horses of Wizards...

Marius: Excuse me, please. The Oracle is ready to see you now. But there can only be three of you in the room. More than that and it's too much mental "static", and you won't get a good reading.

Ixya: Soshkay, Nerayda and Kellan, makes the most sense.

Asheron: Yeah.

Soshkay: I'll tell you everything the Oracle says. I promise. No more secrets, Maddy.

Maddy: (smile) Okay. Go find out if Sey is all right!

Soshkay: Why are we doing this in Sey's room, anyway?

Nerayda: The Oracle wanted to be as close to Sey as possible to seek her for us, and this was as close as we could think of. Now shhhh!

Marius: Please, close the door behind you. Thank you.

(everyone settling in)