Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blood of My Blood Pt 5 - Sesshy Takes Flight

Sesshy: Hello...?

Sesshy: Are you... um... dead or something?

Rook: (quiet laugh) Well, as my hallucinations go, you certainly are the cutest.

Sesshy: 'm not a halloocimination. 'M Sesshy!

Rook: (slowly standing and stretching wings) Ugh... everything hurts, Sesshy.

Sesshy: Ooooh, you've got wings. Pretty!

Rook: Yes, I do. For all the good they've done me. I'm Corbinian, little Sesshy hallucination, but my friends call me Rook. (quietly) Introducing myself to my hallucinations now... I AM losing it.

Sesshy: I am not a hallucimination. Hey... you're just tied up with normal rope. It's not magical at ALL!

Rook: And a very astute little hallucination you are as well.

Rook: I am indeed tied with just plain simple rope, because it seems to amuse him that I haven't the magical ability to charm my way out of them. And I can't find the leverage or strength to break them. (sigh)

Rook: For being such a cute hallucination, you're a little depressing.

Sesshy: I am not a halloocimination! Would a halloociminiation be able to do THIS? (munch munch bite)

Sesshy: (displaying bitten in half rope) Hmmm?

Rook: GAH! Um... Sesshy. Sesshy, was it? I'm sorry I called you a hallucination. Could you... please maybe chew through the other ropes?

Sesshy: Sure! Climbing up!

Sesshy: (munch, munch, bite - rope breaks) Next arm! (munch, munch bite - rope breaks)

(Sesshy and Rook fall)

Sesshy: AAAAH!!!

Rook: Oooof!

Sesshy: Are you okay?

Rook: Pins... and... needles... ugh. I don't even know how long it's been that I've been hanging here. But bad pins and needles never felt so good... I can't undo the chain on my ankles, my fingers are too numb.

Sesshy: I'll get 'em!

Rook: So how did you come to be here? He doesn't normally collect "cute" I don't think.

Sesshy: I dunno... the Temple got attacked, and my daddy said to go with the soldier men and I did and then I was asleep and...

(low, deep growling in distance)

Rook: (whispering) Did you hear that?

Sesshy: (whispering) Yess.... what WAS that?

Rook: Apparently something else in this dungeon agrees that you're not a hallucination. Time to go.

Sesshy: Where?

Rook: Away. As far as I can carry us with these cracked ribs. I'll fly us as far as I can... and hopefully it'll be far enough.

Rook: Hang on, okay? (taking off)

Sesshy: Okay! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Sesshy: Whuzzat?

Rook: What?

Sesshy: That light over there?

Rook: It almost looks like... like maybe... daylight? Let's take a chance shall we? (flying faster)

Sesshy: Weeeeee!