Monday, October 22, 2007

Blood of My Blood Pt 11 - A Broken Bird

Sesshy: Hey! You're finally awake! I found some berries and I saved you some. They don't taste very good, but I thought...

Rook: (weakly) They'll be great, Sesshy. Thank you.

Sesshy: You're HURT!

Rook: It's fine. One of my old wounds got pulled open, probably in the crash. Sorry about that bad landing, by the way. Are YOU okay?

Sesshy: I'm fine. Here, eat some berries.

Rook: Thanks, Sesshy.

Rook: (eating berries) Night will fall soon, and I don't know what we're going to do. I REALLY can't fly now, and I don't risk starting a fire here, I don't have any idea how far we are from the dungeon. It'd be like telling them "We're over here". But it's already getting cold, and...

Sesshy: Don't worry about it, Rook! She'll come. She'll find us.

Rook: Uh... who?

Sesshy: The Dream Lady!

Rook: Well, I hope your "Dream Lady" brings lots of blankets. Because neither of us are dressed for a night outside. Nice outfit by the way. Very fashionable.

Sesshy: Thanks! I made it myself! I used the ropes you had on you. I figured you didn't need them anymore.

Rook: You are more than welcome to...

(horse neighing in the distance)

Rook: What was that? (jumping up - wishing he hadn't) There's someone coming!

Rook: Sesshy... you stay behind me. If I have to defend us, I don't want to accidentally smack you. Okay? (groaning in pain, then quietly) Assuming I can even swing the stick (sigh).

Sesshy: Okay, Rook. I'll stay right here.

Rook: Good, because here they come....