Friday, September 14, 2007

Strange Days at the Treehouse

Hello once again, Gentle Readers.

These are strange days here at the Treehouse, and we haven't been keeping you all informed as we like to. Emi gave me her account information so I was able to sign on under her name and bring you this quick update.

Ariel returned home from an extended "vacation" in Hawaii to discover that her house-sitter, Taelyn, had been running his dog grooming/training/boarding kennel business out of her house.

She was rather less than pleased.

On September 7th, the Fae Government of Colorado declared the Treehouse to be a Wildlife Preserve for all Fae, Pixie and Mythological Creatures. It seems this was mostly because of the presence of our two Centaurs, Eponine and Zephyr, who are of a breed just added to the Fae endangered list (we're not telling them their kind are endangered. They're certainly safe here, and that's really the important thing.) We are told that there will be no real effect on day to day life at the Treehouse, and that it's just paperwork. We shall have to wait and see.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) the Treehouse Mythological Preserve will be well protected by the continued presence of Detective Azrael St. Cloud and Agent Jade Blackpool who have both been assigned here as protection. Neither will say protection from what exactly.

And then there's Emi. Bless her heart.

We believe now that she's probably been ill for some time, but being Emi, she refused to stop working or to complain about it until finally, it overtook her and she collapsed in the hall this morning. Wendy is absolutely beside herself. Zaniel, the most powerful healer known to the Treehouse, has stationed himself as Emi's personal physician and has not left her side.

She could not be in better hands, but it is indeed a scary time for those of us who love her.

And that brings you up on the major goings on in Treehouse life right now. As always, the days here are strange, Gentle Reader, but has anyone really come to expect anything else from us?

Be well,