Monday, April 09, 2007

Resignation Refused

Wendy: Hey Emi, I thought I heard someone up. (yawn) It's really late. Whatcha doin'?

Emi: OH! Um... (sniffle) I wanted to double check that all those Buck~Tick CDs that we ordered were all in. And I wanted to get that outfit ready to be shipped off to Sal, in Canada tomorrow. (sniff)

Wendy: Well, I don't know if I've ever seen someone so sad to ship off a sweater. Have you been crying?

Emi: Um... a little...

Wendy: Is it okay if I turn on another light?

Emi: Sure.

Wendy: Okay, so what's going on?

Emi: (deep breath) I was writing my letter of resignation.

Wendy: WHAT? NO! Why?

Emi: After everything last week, with the family portrait and everything. I just thought... I really screwed up, Wendy.

Wendy: How do you figure that? You did GREAT! I couldn't have gotten that picture taken without your help!

Emi: I let a stranger into the house. I asked Ullrich to keep an eye on him, and what if... what Ullrich HAD gotten shot? It would've been all my fault.

Wendy: No, that was my fault too, Emi. From now on I'll run everyone entering the house by you first, and then if there's someone you weren't expecting you'll KNOW they're a stranger. That's my fault for not communicating better. And I'm really sorry.

Emi: But... there are so MANY fae in this house. Any of them could do my job.

Wendy: No, no they couldn't. You think it's easy to find an assistant that will put up with ME? Hmmm?

Emi: Well, now that you mention it, I'm sure that is a challenge. The laundry alone...

Wendy: Hey! (smile) I'm glad you're feeling better. So, will you be horribly insulted if I tell you that you can take your resignation and stuff it? I will not accept it. You aren't just an assistant to me, you're a friend, Emi. You're very dear to me.

Wendy: When you first got here, I gave you that pendant, do you remember?

Emi: Yes... it's the most precious thing I own.

Wendy: And what did I tell you?

Emi: You told me... "You're home now."

Wendy: And I meant it.

Emi: Very well then, I accept your lack of acceptance of my resignation.

Wendy: Great. I think. That'll probably make more sense when it's not 2 a. m. won't it? Can we call it a night now?

Emi: Yeah, I'll get this light.

Emi: And Wendy...

Wendy: Hmm?

Emi: Thanks.

(walking away)

Wendy: Trying to resign. How do you think I'm going to organize 15 freakin fae kids in school with Tegen without you here?

Emi: There aren't 15, there are only...

Wendy: See? I don't even know how many there are. Do you see why I need you?

Emi: Yeah, okay. I'm sorry I tried to resign.

Wendy: Good, don't let it happen again...