Thursday, April 26, 2007

Typical Treehouse Day

Wendy: Hey Emi! Good morning! What's the schedule for today?

Emi: Good morning, Wendy. So far, you have an appointment with Ullrich in the music room at 10:30. Then, when Gage is done with his conference call with his agent, he will be having lunch with you and your parents, and then you're all taking a trip to the train museum at noon.

Wendy: You're handling Gage's appointments too?

Emi: Someone had to. Poor bunny is nearly as disorganized as you are.

Wendy: Harumph. An appointment with just Ullrich? Not Tegen? That's rather odd.

Emi: Tegen is teaching this morning, and then will be spending her afternoon keeping an eye on our police friends while they question her students. (shrug) Ullrich said it was a matter of great importance and he needed to see you right away.

Wendy: Hmm... I wonder what that means?

Emi: OTHER than that you're about to be late? I don't know.

Wendy: GAH!! (running to appointment with Ullrich)