Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rain: Wow, Syri. This really is some place. I wouldn't mind having a little spread like this myself one day. And dinner smells great! What's on?

Syrinx: I have no clue. Hana does all the cooking, though it's been like having a ghost chef lately. I haven't seen much of her, or her friends, since the family portrait.

Syrinx: You know, you're more than welcome to stay for dinner. I think Phae, and Salem and Kali will all be here too.

Rain: Nah, but thanks a lot. I'll have a herd of very upset horses if I don't get back in time for the evening feeding. Where is your girl Salem, anyway? I was going to say that if you're looking to help her straighten up and fly right, nothing teaches a girl responsibility like horseback riding. I could set her up with a nice little mare, and start her training, and you'd see. She'd be a changed girl in no time!

Syrinx: Heh. Well, if you could get Kallisto on a horse I'm sure Salem would be BEGGING for one.

Rain: Aww sure, I can teach Kali to ride too. But what does that mean?

Syrinx: That would be something to see. (smile) Salem WORSHIPS her Aunt Kali. She likes me, though she thinks I'm a stick in the mud. And I don't think she's gotten along with her mother since her father moved out. So that leaves Kali, the rather unstable, and unpredictable Fury of the family. Salem's declared she wants to be a Fury when she grows up, rather than a Muse like her mother or I. Phae is beside herself, let me tell you.

Rain: Awww, Syri. Don't you remember having idols? People you looked up to?

Syrinx: Yes... I had idols... But my idols were not of the type that, when they got moody, inspired villagers to burn down their own houses.

Rain: Ah... well, there is that...