Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Man of the House

Taelyn: There you go, Baxter. Mmmm... yummy.

Taelyn: Ah... yep another day doing whatever I want in MY HOUSE!

Taelyn: I can turn on this light if I want to (click) HA! And I don't have to ask anyone.

Taelyn: And I can sit right here, and don't have to put my dishes in the sink!

Taelyn: And I can even put my feet right up here on the table and there's no VEE to tell me not to! Ha!

Taelyn: Yep, I am the master of my domain. I am the man of the house. I am the lone wolf! I am... (sigh) I am bored.

Taelny: I wonder what Mr. Thorne, and Vee, and Miranda are doing.

Taelyn: I need something to do... (sigh) OH! I know! Every Man of the House has a job, right? I'll get a JOB!!! Yeah! Just like on TV! YEAH!!!