Thursday, April 19, 2007

House Keeping

Miranda: Hey, Taelyn.

Taelyn: Hey Miri! What are you doing here?

Miranda: There was a puppy delivery for you, and while we were here, Vee got all inspired to clean.

Taelyn: Uh-oh. Oh, well, Syrinx gave me this letter for you. She said it came today.

Miranda: Nothing good ever came out of a letter Syrinx wanted me to have. (sigh)

Devika: TAELYN! This house is a DISASTER! How do you think you're going to raise a new puppy in...

Taelyn: I'm a working man now, Vee! I come home from a long day on the construction site, and I don't have time for this "women's work".

Devika: "WOMEN'S WORK"? Oh, I will show YOU "women's work" you little...

Miranda: Oh no...

Devika: Miri? What's wrong?

Taelyn: It was a letter Syrinx wanted her to have.

Devika: Oh... Miri, what does it say?

Miranda: It says that nature clearly abhors a vacuum.

Taelyn: Vee, what does "abhors" mean?

Devika: Um... "really dislikes" or "can't stand".

Taelyn: Oh... awww.....

Miranda: So apparently one of my freaky family leaves and must be replaced by another. My brother is coming.

Devika: Brother? I didn't know you had a brother.

Miranda: I had hoped you would never have to meet him, Vee...

Taelyn: It's okay little vacuum... I still like you, even if nature hates you.

Devika: It's that awful, Miri?

Miranda: Well, I guess there's one in every family...

Devika: Oh, horse thief?

Miranda: Nah, that's Uncle Jess.

Devika: Um.. bank robber?

Miranda: Are you kidding, that's Aunt Millie!

Devika: Gambler?

Miranda: No... that was cousin Freddie... no, my brother Sebastian... (deep breath) Sebastian is....

Miranda: ... a nerd.

Devika: GASP! OH Miri!! I am so sorry.

Miranda: Yes... so you see....

Devika: Oh Miri... how did a family that produced you and Ariel ever end up with a.... a....

Miranda: No one knows... oh, Mom and Dad were always proud of him. He was always inventing weird stuff. But me and Ariel... we.... hey.

Miranda: Hey Taelyn, where IS my beloved sister?

Taelyn: I don't know anything about your "beloved" sister, but Ariel told me the night of the portrait that she had to go out of town to take care of your Uncle Tex. I guess he's real sick.

Devika: Awww, Miri. I wonder why YOU weren't called to help take care of him?

Miranda: Hmm, could have something to do with the fact that we don't HAVE an Uncle Tex.

Devika: Oh! Well then, I wonder where she went?

Miranda: Dunno... the cops show up... Ariel mysteriously dissapears to take care of a sick uncle we don't have. Hmmm.