Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feed the Birds...

Saoirse: So I think it should go right up there, and the other one can go over there.

Andara: But the book said they shouldn't be too close to the door or it'll scare them.

Wendy: Hey you guys, whatcha doin'?

Saoirse: Hi Wendy! We're setting up birdfeeders!

Wendy: Uh... really? 'Cause I don't think there...

Saoirse: See? We got this one that looks just like yours! So I hope the birds will like it as much as they like the one you have. Neat, hu?

Wendy: It is neat, Saoirse, but I've never seen a...

Saoirse: And Andi got a book on how to attract birds, and we got some of their favorite flavored bird seed.

Andara: Yep, this is the kind the book said to get to attract LOTS of birds!

Wendy: But you guys, I don't think there ARE any...

Andara: And Xylia made a birdfeeder all by herself, just for us to put up here!

Xylia: Aww, it wasn't hard.

Saoirse: So I can't WAIT until the birds start coming. The book said it could take a few days for them to figure out there's food here, but we'll just keep an eye out and I'm sure they'll come!

Andara: So, Wendy, what was it you were saying about you "didn't think there were any..." what?

Wendy: Uh... (looking at eager, happy little, bird feeding pixies) uh... I didn't think there were any... REASONS, yeah! I didn't think there were any reasons for you not to put up birdfeeders! So back to it you guys! Good luck!

Saoirse: Thanks Wendy! We'll let you know how it goes! So, Andi what about putting them outside the upstairs windows? Would that work?

Andara: Well, I was thinking we could hang one off the tree, and maybe one over there...

Wendy: (to self) Awww... their little hearts are going to be broken. I don't think there ARE any birds small enough to eat from their feeders. Oh, the poor little things.