Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Afternoon at the Treehouse - Photojournalism by Emi

(Mr. Thorne tells me that Miranda Wandering isn't so much about storytelling, as it is recording what happens here at the Treehouse, and that now that I have a camera, I should give it a try. So, I followed some of the kids outside, and watched them play. I hope you like it. - Emi)

Bjornar: Okay, Shawnee, throw it here!

Quinn: No! Throw it to me!! MEEE!

Bjornar: Come on, Shawnee! I threw to you last.

Mercy: Just throw it already!

Quinn: Ignore those two. Throw it to me! To meeeee! You know you want to.

Shawnee: Wanting to throw it AT you is not the same as wanting to throw it TO you. Loser.


Bjornar: I got it! I ... (miss) don't got it.

(roll, roll, roll)

Bjornar: I'll get it!
Shawnee: D'oh! I totally overshot that. I really thought he'd catch it, though.

Quinn: Don't be too hard on yourself. Girls are naturally bad at this kind of thing. It's just their nature to be bad at throwing, thus the expression "You throw like a girl".

Bjornar: Got it!

Mercy: Yaay!!

Bjornar: Uh, well... thanks.

Mercy: You were really fast... um... you're good at this kind of stuff.

Shawnee: Girls are just naturally BAD? WHAT? I dare you to say that again. Go ahead. Say that again.
Quinn: Uh... no hold on there a second.

Quinn: Upon further consideration, I believe that perhaps I have been mislead in my understanding of the feminine ability to throw.

Shawnee: Oh yeah, that's just a fancy way of saying "Golly, Shawnee. Please don't kick my a....

Quinn: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Run away! Run away! Bee, help!!!

Mercy: So you must've played football for a long time.

Bjornar: Um... well, no.., uh.. just soccer.

Mercy: Oh! Soccer. (giggle)

Quinn: BEEEEE!!! Help me! Beee!!! You traitor!!! Help!!!!!

Bjornar: Well, it really isn't THAT hard...

Mercy: Well, you just make it look so easy, like you're a professional or something.

Bjornar: (blush) Well thanks um... what was your name again? You can call me Bee...

Quinn: GAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Bee!!! Help me!!! Help!!!!

Shawnee: Awww, Quinn. Come back here you big chicken. I'll bet you've got lots more fancy talk to get yourself out of getting yourself whooped. Come on back.

Quinn: NO WAY!

Quinn: (panting) Okay... lost her. I don't see any sign of her at all. Maybe she gave up and went in... phew...

Shawnee: Oh, Qui-inn. Looking for someone?

Quinn: GAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Bee! Help me, Bee!!! She's got me!!!! HEEEEEELLLLPPP!!!

Bjornar: Wow, so you lived in the fairy lands? What was that like? I've only ever lived here...

Mercy: Um... isn't your friend calling you for help?

(Quinn's cries for help in the distance)

Bjornar: Yeah... it's a um... joke between the two of us. Yeah. He's just playing. So anyway, tell me more about you, Mercy...

The End

(Since Mercy and Bjornar had gone in, and Quinn was hiding under a bush, Shawnee was the only one around and I asked her if I could take her picture. And here she is. Thanks for reading my photo story. I hope you liked it. - Emi)