Saturday, July 14, 2007

About Salem - Pt 3

Salem: I'm back, and I got some whiskey and vodka.

Amber, Jo, Cyn: YAAY!!

Amber: You have good timing too, because I totally just finished the last of your Aunt's beer. Did you have any problems?

Salem: Nah, Aunt Syri's off visiting somebody. Nobody saw me 'cept the housecat.

Jo: So... does your Aunt smoke? We're down to our last cigarette too.

Syrinx: Nope, no one in the house smokes at all.

Amber: Then we're going to need wheels to drive to the store. Anyone got a car?

Jo: Nuh-uh. Cyn and me got a ride from her boyfriend.

Cyn: Woah! How about the one we're sitting on! It's a Ferrari!!!

Amber: Your Aunt drives a Ferrari?

Salem: No. No she doesn't. I mean, she HAS a Ferrari, but she doesn't drive it around or anything. Only on special occasions. She loves this car. She would totally kill me, you guys.

Amber: Salem... you know we're your friends. And we're not going to get you killed, okay?

Salem: Okay, thanks for understanding, Amber.

Salem: HEY! What are you guys doing?! Amber just said we're not taking the car.

Amber: Well, I said that we're not going to get you killed. Your Aunt will never know the car was even gone. We're just going up the street and back, right?

Salem: I don't know, Amber...

Cyn: It is totally criminal not to drive a car this awesome.

Jo: And your Aunt was just asking for someone to steal it, considering the keys are in it.

Salem: Well, normally the garage is locked, and no one comes over to this corner anyway and...

Amber: Look at it this way, it could've been stolen by thieves who would NOT bring it back. And we're bringing it right back, right? She probably wouldn't even mind.

Salem: Oh, she'd mind. Believe me. (sigh) I have to go with whoever's going for cigarettes, though. Just to, you know, watch over the car or something.

Amber: Of course you're going. You're driving.

Salem: ME!

Amber: Yeah, I lost my license.

Amber: So what are you two going to do while we're gone, hmm?

Jo: Well, it looks like they got all the broken windows replaced in that house they're building up the street, so we're gonna go throw rocks at them and break them out again while the crew is on break.

Cyn: Yeah! Or, if the crew's there we'll just mess with them.

Amber: Awesome.

Salem: My Aunt is going to kill me. I am so very, very dead.

Amber: She's never going to KNOW, Salem. Don't even worry about it. Let's go!!!

Amber: Woo hoo!!!!

(that evening)

Hana: Syri! Syri, this is who rang the doorbell. This is Officer Travis, and he said he needed to speak to you right away!

Syrinx: It's okay, Hana. Officer, what can I do for you?

Officer: I'm sorry to bother you Ma'am. You are Ms. Syrinx MuseƩ?

Syrinx: Yes, I am.

Officer: And you have a niece, Diamandia, who lives with you? Is that correct?

Syrinx: Diamandia? Oh! Salem! She goes by Salem, and yes. She lives with me. Oh, Officer, if she's gotten into any trouble...

Officer: Ms. MuseƩ, I'm sorry to inform you, there's been an accident...

(to be continued)