Tuesday, July 24, 2007

About Salem - Pt 4


Hana: Hey, Sienna?

Sienna: Oh, hey Hana. Come on in. Make yourself at home.

Hana: Thanks. Am I interrupting anything?

Sienna: Nah, I was just surfin' the web. What's up?

Hana: Syri wanted to talk to Salem alone, so I thought I'd make myself scarce and wander down to see what you were up to. Oh!

Hana: This is quite... artistic. (laugh)

Sienna: (laughing) Yeah, when I'm on the phone I doodle, and I got to spend an unhappy half hour on the phone fighting with financial aid this afternoon. You know how it is.

Hana: (nodding) Oh yeah, I got to do that last semester. Good times.

Sienna: Yeah. So, how IS Salem, anyway?

Hana: She's doing okay. That broken arm is still hurting her a lot, but she says her bruised ribs aren't so bad anymore and it doesn't hurt as much when she breathes. She's been putting that ice pack on them like the doctor said to. She is so lucky she had her seatbelt on. (shaking head, sigh) You haven't talked to her yet?

Sienna: I haven't SEEN her, much less talked to her. I don't know if she's even speaking to me.

Hana: Well, she's been laying pretty low. I think the only reason I've seen so much of her is she really needed help with the ice for her ribs, well, and I don't think it would've gone well had she asked Syri for a ride to the hospital to see Amber.

Sienna: Oooh, no kidding. So how's she handling all of this? Amber's going to be fine, right?

Hana: Honestly, I'm really worried about her, Sienna. She's completely devastated by the whole thing, and even though Amber's going to be fine she just feels so guilty. If her self confidence was waning before, it's non-existant now. And it isn't helping that Syri hasn't said three words to her since she was released from the hospital. I really think... well, I think Syri is throwing her out. I think she's THAT mad.

Sienna: But Salem can't go back and live with her mom, Syri knows that. Where would she go?

Hana: I don't know, and I don't know for sure if that's what their "talk" tonight is about, but I have never seen Syrinx this angry before. I don't know where Salem could go either, but I don't get the feeling Syri is going to let her stay here anymore...


Syrinx: Salem, please sit down. We need to talk.