Friday, July 20, 2007

Miranda's Vote - NO MORE DOLLS!!!

Wendy: Hey, Miri. Wow! Uh, what happened to the pool table and everything?

Miranda: I did some rearranging.

Miranda: So I heard about the big meeting, about this Hitty person coming to live here. And I've been researching what a Hitty is, trying to figure out why everyone seems to think one should live here. Emi is all for it, Thorne thinks it's a great idea, the kids all want her to tell stories. As if there aren't enough dolls, enough stories to go around this house for YEARS.

Miranda: So, as far as I can tell, you want some kind of ugly, wooden, inflexible biddy to come live here. But I can't figure out why. So tell me. What is it this walking clothespin is going to do for you exactly? Hmm?

Wendy: Oh, Miri! Well, there's this whole community of people who love Hitty, and they've created this whole world for her where she can play, and talk to other Hittys and the people have this great sense of unity and...

Miranda: I see, so you're using her so you can hang out with her friends then?

Wendy: What? NO!

Miranda: That's what you just said. She's this Hitty shaped key into a world that will give you the community you've been looking for. Right? That's pretty unfair to the clothespin... er, the Hitty.

Wendy: There's more to it than that! I don't want her just so I can talk to other Hitty people, though I think that's going to be really nice. No, I think that she's going to have a very different view of life here at the Treehouse, and I think she's going to be a really interesting influence. I'm really excited to meet her.

Miranda: Fascinating, because... you know, there aren't already enough opinionated, interesting people here.

Wendy: There's nothing wrong with bringing in another personality and opinions, Miri. She's very different from anyone here, and I think she's going to be really fascinating to get to know.

Miranda: Fine, we've already had the "too many dolls" discussion, and you didn't listen to me THEN either, but I'm saying....

Wendy: I'm sorry, but what on Earth is that monkey thing?

Miranda: Montigue Monkey is my housewarming present for the Catsy sisters. Don't you think it's the perfect housewarming present?

Wendy: Well, it is if you're going for the "their house will be quite toasty and warm while they're burning it" housewarming angle, yeah.

Miranda: Hey! It's a lesser known fact that cats LOVE monkeys! And don't go changing the subject! We were talking about you getting a clothespin doll.

Wendy: She is NOT a clothespin, Miri.

Miranda: Fine. Show me this ugly, wooden piece of folk art that you're so determined to bring home.

Wendy: Okay, fine. But you're totally wrong about her, she's not ugly at all.

Miranda: Hmmm... well, she isn't THAT bad. She's got really kind eyes... sort of. And her hair is kind of nice.

Wendy: That sounds dangerously close to saying she's not ugly.

Miranda: Fine, she's actually really pretty. But there are a LOT of pretty dolls here. And okay, so I read that story about the wooden doll who does all the cleaning and stuff for the little girl.

Wendy: You mean, Vasilissa?

Miranda: Yeah...
Miranda: So, I cleaned the desk and moved stuff so you knew that... you know, it isn't just wooden dolls that can do that stuff. I can be really comforting and helpful and stuff.

Wendy: Aww, Miri. I'm not getting Hitty so she can be some kind of dolly maid. I want a traveling companion that can go places with me, you know just riding in my purse.

Miranda: You already have Gage. And I can travel too, you know.

Wendy: I didn't think you wanted to travel, and honestly, you're more fragile than I would be comfortable traveling everywhere with. I don't want you to get hurt in my purse. And uh, Gage posted pictures of what a good traveler you are. You know, from when you were traveling in Washington. That trip to the Gorge that ended with you discovering you weight less than a 4oz glass of beer.

Miranda: HE WHAT?!?!

Miranda: Well, you're right. I don't really want to travel much, and you are about to NEED a new traveling companion because I'm going to have to kill that bunny for posting those pictures.

Wendy: You really were pretty cute, all snoring and...

Miranda: We're getting off the subject!

Wendy: Oh, sorry.

Miranda: (sigh) Well, fine. If you really just have to have another doll in the house, I guess that's fine. At least she's pretty, and she doesn't look mean or anything. Everyone's all excited about her coming, and maybe she WILL know a lot of stories and stuff. As long as you don't... you know, forget ME or anything.

Wendy: I guarantee you that I will not forget about you, Miri. You were the first doll I ever brought home, and you are one of the most precious, most important people in my life. So thank you for welcoming Hitty here, and being kind to her.

Miranda: Uh... yeah, I didn't say anything about welcoming her here or nothin'. I moved my desk up here so you COULDN'T forget about me. And she's not allowed to touch my desk or my stuff. I mean it.

Miranda: I MEAN IT mean it! No touching my stuff. MY desk! And this is MY space, and if I catch her up here, she's in big trouble.

Wendy: Fine, Miri. It's your space, and it's your desk. We'll find her a spot of her own.

Miranda: Good, 'cause I'd really hate to have to ask her how old she was, and then cut her in half to count the rings to make sure.

Wendy: MIRI!

Miranda: I'm just sayin'.

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