Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shawnee After the Storm - Pt 2

Quinn: Um, whenever the towel monster gets done eating your head, I have something for you.

Shawnee: (tossing towel) What? You! I was drying my hair, dork. What do you want?

Quinn: I heard you got caught out in the rain and I brought you some clothes. They're clean, Jade makes me do laundry once a week.

Quinn: They're not girly or anything . They're, you know, like the stuff you normally wear. Only with monsters on it.

Shawnee: Harumph! I don't need YOUR clothes. Wendy went to get me some nice warm clothes and I'm sure they'll be just fine.

Quinn: Well, I just thought...

Shawnee: What - ever.

Wendy: Oh, hey Quinn. Okay, Shawnee, I don't have a lot of clothes your size, so I brought you a nice outfit that should be pretty warm and comfy.

Wendy: And I think you are going to be SO cute in pink!

Shawnee: GACK! It's. A. SKIRT!

Quinn: So....

Shawnee: Please! I am so sorry, I...

Quinn: Don't mention it. I figured she'd bring you something girly, and goodness knows _I_ wouldn't want to wear a skirt. Er... well, you know what I mean.

Shawnee: (laughing) Yeah, I know what you mean. Uh, thanks, Quinn.

Quinn: Happy to help. See ya later.

Shawnee: See ya.

Shawnee: You know, that Quinn isn't all bad.

Wendy: Oh really?

Shawnee: He's kind of okay.

Wendy: Yeah?

Shawnee: Yeah. Well, okay for being a stupid, stinky boy an all.

Wendy: (smile) Yeah.