Thursday, July 19, 2007

Of Nightmares and Things Forgotten - Pt 2

Maddy: (sigh) Soshkay is your... bodyguard. (nodding) He lives only to protect you.

Sey: Have I known him long?

Maddy: Yes... a while. It's okay, those memories will return. I am sure of it. For now, do you see those two gentlemen over there?

Sey: Yes...

Maddy: Soskhay is the one that looks like he's ready to kill something.

Sey: Oh, yes I see...

Soshkay: They're looking over here, Wizard. Perhaps she remembers?

Kellan: Wishful thinking, I'm afraid, Soshkay. We're still trying to recover her ability to remember short term things, we haven't even begun to reach her past memories. More likely she "woke up" again and Maddy is once again explaining the world to her.

Kellan: We are fortunate that she remembers Maddy. Memory loss like Sey is experiencing can cause paranoia and even insanity. We might have completely lost her without an anchor like Maddy. (shaking head) The attack on her mind was brutal and extreme. We still don't know the full extent of the damage. You say you have no idea who could've done this to her?

Soshkay: If I knew who had done this, I assure you, he would no longer be among the living.

Kellan: Well, that would be unfortunate. Her attacker is the only one who knows what he did to her, and why. Capturing him and questioning him would tell us a great deal, and would potentially allow us to heal her and restore her memories that much faster.

Soshkay: I promise you, he will die by my hand for this. I have lost the most important thing in my life to his actions, and for that he will die. But if his capture will help Sey... then so be it.

Kellan: Would that I could give your heart peace, my friend. But, while it is possible that Sey's memories of her family and those she loved may be gone for good, I think she may not be as "lost" to you as you think.

Soshkay: What do you mean by that?

Sey: He really is quite an attractive bodyguard, now isn't he? (dreamy sigh) OH! What an inappropriate thing to have said. I really HAVE forgotten myself, haven't I?!

Maddy: (laugh) Well, in this case, Lady, I think it's all right. And I believe that sometimes the heart remembers what the mind has forgotten.

Sey: (sigh) I hope you are right, Maddy. I try to think back, I TRY to remember. Anything! Anything at all! My family, my friends. I try and find my memory is as gray and blank as that man's cloak. I can feel that the memories WERE once there, but now they are gone. I have forgotten everything I fear. Except you. I remember you, though you are different in my mind.

Sey: I remember only you. Why is that, Maddy? Why ARE you the only one left in my mind? Your appearance has changed, but I know you... You're not! Oh God, you're the one who did this, aren't you? In disguise to get close to me! To kill me! You're the one who took my memories! It's YOU!!!!