Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hitty's Arrival - Pt 1

Wendy: Hey, Emi. What are you doing out here on the floor?

Emi: Waiting for you! I am so glad you're home! Hitty is missing!

Wendy: Missing like "Didn't arrive in the mail" missing? Because she could come on Monday.

Emi: No, she got here. We found all of her packaging here in the foyer, but no sign of HITTY!

Emi: I've looked everywhere I can think of. There's no sign of her, though we did find the patterns for her clothing and a spare dress not to far from here.

Wendy: Do you think she's lost and wandering the house?

Emi: I don't know... but I've given the kids permission for this emergency and this emergency ONLY to ride their horses through the house to look for her....

(half an hour later)

Quinn: Hey! Shawnee!! Any luck?

Shawnee: Nah, nothin'. I can't imagine where she could be!

Lenore: Hey guys! Wait up! Have you found any sign of her? Me and Maggie haven't found anything.

Shawnee: Nah, nothin'. Quinn?

Quinn: Nope. I've been calling like crazy, and there hasn't been any answer or any sign of her.

Shawnee: Okay, well, we've got a lot of house to cover. Lenore... you and Maggie take the basement...

Maggie: (gasp!... sniffle)

Lenore: Um... Maggie's afraid of the basement. Could we search somewhere else?

Shawnee: Oh FINE. _I'll_ take the basement, you guys take the back hallway. Quinn...

Quinn: All that's left is the kitchen and the parlor. I'll look there...


Maggie: Miss Hitty!!! Come out! Come out wherever you are!!

Lenore: Hitty!! We're not playing hide and seek, Maggie! She might be hurt or scared and lost!

Maggie: Oh! Hitty!!!! Come out and don't be scared! Misssss Hiiiiiittttttyyyyy!!!

Shawnee: (quietly) Well hello creepy basement. (sigh) HIIIIITTTTTYYY!!!! Hitty!!! Where are you?!?! Hiiiittttyyy!!!

(about half an hour later)

Wendy: OH! Oh, Emi. I have just had a terrible though.

Emi: What? About Hitty?

Wendy: Yeah... has anyone looked at Miranda's house?

Emi: Uh... no. I don't think so. I'm not even sure where Miranda's house IS. Since she took possession of the cabin, I haven't seen it.

Wendy: Oh dear... I know where it is. She hasn't ordered any power tools or chainsaws or anything lately, has she?

Emi: Uh....

(quiet piano music playing from inside Miranda's cabin... music stops... there is a wicked laugh... and then silence....)