Friday, July 27, 2007

Hitty's House is Miri's House

(Hitty's house... waiting to be moved out of the foyer to it's real location)

Wendy: (thinking) What the... why is the door open?

Wendy: Who's in there?

Wendy: Miri! Awww... you are so sweet. You're cleaning Hitty's house! Why... I've never... what a sweet gesture.

Miranda: Uh... yeah, about that "Hitty's House" thing.

Miranda: I'm cleaning MY house.

Wendy: What?

Miranda: Yeah, MY house. I've been thinking about it and... Hitty isn't going to want this house.

Wendy: Oh really? For reasons OTHER than you're already going to be living in it?

Miranda: Yeah... see this room? This would be the bedroom, right? But she won't if in any of the beds you could put up here. This house is 1/12 scale, and everything on the internet says 1/12 scale is a little too small for Hitty.

Wendy: (quietly) I knew I never should've let you on the internet.

Miranda: Besides, you've read the book, right?

Wendy: Uh... I finished it last night, but I don't...

Miranda: Hitty doesn't want a HOUSE. She wants a CRADLE! She wants to be close to YOU... oh, maybe she'd like a room box, you'll have to ask her. Though she didn't get played with a lot when she was in one of those in the book, so she'd probably rather have a cradle near your bed and to go places with you.

Wendy: You've been reading a lot, but you know she isn't THE Hitty, she's more like a cousin.

Miranda: Yeah, I know. But I ALSO know that most Hittys have some of the original Hitty "spirit" in them... trust me, she isn't going to want this house. But _I_ do!

Wendy: Miri, are you sure? It isn't exactly Foxhall Manor, the one you picked out at Norm's. And it's going to be pretty cozy with you and Vee here.

Miranda: Yeah... I'm sure. And Vee doesn't want to live here. I asked her, and she said she'd rather just stay and take care of Mr. Thorne. So it'll just be me, and it's the perfect size.

Wendy: Well, if you're sure...

Miranda: I am 100% sure, and that means I have a lot of cleaning to do before it'll be ready for me to move my stuff in. So, thanks for stopping by. It's been lovely chatting with you. I'll let you know when the housewarming party is. Now SHOO!

(door closes)

Wendy: Well! (laughing)