Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shawnee in the Storm - Pt 2

Wendy: Did you just say "Go Away?"

Shawnee: Yeah, you're gonna get all wet.

Wendy: Well, so are you.

Shawnee: Yeah, well no one cares if _I_ get wet. I don't know who I'm related to or why I'm even HERE. Even stupid Quinn has a sister. I don't have anyone who cares if I get wet.

Shawnee: And who would WANT to be related to me? I heard Emi and Thorne talking about how I'm all different, and that there are places you can't talk about me because there's something wrong with me, and I'm not like everyone else. I wish you'd never brought me here! I didn't belong with anyone there, and I don't belong with anyone here either!

Wendy: That isn't true! And I can tell you who you belong with here, Shawnee.

Shawnee: Oh yeah? WHO?!

Wendy: Me! You're my friend, and you're special to ME and I don't care what ANYONE else thinks. I love you.

Shawnee: Really?

Wendy: Yeah, really. Those people who don't want to hear about you aren't the kind of people I want to talk to anyway, and so I don't talk to them anymore. Anyone who can't see how wonderful you are doesn't deserve to know you.

Shawnee: Really? You stopped talking to people because of me? Just because of me?

Wendy: Well, yeah.

Shawnee: Wow. Um... so are you cold?

Wendy: I am soaking wet and freezing my butt off in this rain. You?

Shawnee: Yeah, I'm a little cold. Let's go in.

Shawnee: Hey, Wendy?

Wendy: Yeah?

Shawnee: Thanks for not talking to those people anymore, just 'cause of me an' all.

Wendy: No problem, kiddo. No problem at all.

(to be continued)