Monday, July 16, 2007

Of Nightmares and Things Forgotten - Pt 1

(Sey dozes lightly in the warm afternoon as Maddy watches over her)

Sey: AH! Nooooo!!!

Sey: No!! Let me go!!! NOOOO!!!

Maddy: Woah! Sey... Sey, it's okay. You were dreaming. You're safe here.

Sey: I... they were all reaching for me and... I couldn't get to him.. and... they were tearing him away from me, tearing us apart...

Maddy: I know, Sey. It's okay. It's the same nightmare you've been having since the attack. But we're safe here. I promise, they can't get you here.

Sey: Where IS here?

Maddy: We're at the Treehouse. Do you remember the journey here at all? Soshkay got you here as quickly as he could, so the healers here could help you. Do you remember?

Sey: Soshkay... Who.. who is Soshkay?