Monday, June 04, 2007

Emi's Camera

Thorne: (humming to self)

Thorne: There, good as new.

Thorne: Oof, up you go.

(scribble, scribble)

Thorne: (humming some more)

(sometime later that evening)

Emi: (quietly, to self)... and a little bit of filing before bed. Oh, and I have to tell Wendy about the Wizards, and...

Emi: Hey. My camera!

Emi: Remarkably all in one piece too. Maybe those kitties aren't SO bad.

Note: Emi, Recovered your camera from THOSE cats. Take beautiful pictures. T

Emi: Awww... thanks Thorne. Take beautiful pictures, hu?

Emi: Hmm... I wonder... A photo blog would be interesting, and great camera practice. Hmmm.