Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Story of the Supermodel - Pt 7

Hana: I have no idea how Salem can stand being around her. What an uppity, unpleasant piece of work she is. I don't know if she's a super model but she is definitely a super b...

Syrinx: HANA!

Hana: Facts are neither nice, nor mean, Syri. (smile)

Sienna: (laugh) Yeah, I had read in the trade magazines that she was a real headache to work with, but WOW.

Hana: Is she in all of those?

Sienna: Yeah, on the cover, even. She "wrote" a couple of the articles, though I think there are too many big words in them for that to REALLY be the case.

Hana: (laughing)

Sienna: I thought maybe I could get her to autograph them so I could sell them on Ebay for bazillions someday when she's dead. You know, so there was something good about having her here.

Hana: She'll probably charge you for her autograph. (both laughing)

Syrinx: Well, she'll be on her way home soon enough. And I for one am VERY glad that Salem stepped up and started taking care of her. Until the bandages come off, she can't do a whole lot for herself.

Sienna: Uh, Syri, newsflash. She's a supermodel, she doesn't do a whole lot for herself regardless.

Hana: (laughing) Oh man... yeah, she's some writer all right. "War is just so dirty, It's so sad. We seriously need to put together donations of earth tone fabrics for the designers here. Food? Well, I guess people can donate food too, but really, the people need to be thin because you don't want to be war torn AND out of style." Oh wow is that bad. (shaking head) So, when DO Queenie's bandages come off, anyway?

Syrinx: This afternoon. And, thankfully, Salem is taking care of it.


Salem: Okay, Lacrimosa. Are you ready for those bandages to come off?

Lacrimosa: I swear that if you cut one single solitary piece of my hair getting these wrapping off, I will sue you... not like you have anything I could sue you for. I'll just have you killed. Yes, that's it. (nodding)

Salem: Okay (smile) here we go! Then I'll go away and let you get all freshened up and everything, okay?

(snipping sounds)