Saturday, June 23, 2007

Story of the Supermodel - Pt 5

The Supermodel in the Morning

Salem: Good morning, Lacrimosa!

Lacrimosa: Good morning... Salem, is it?

Salem: Yeah, you remembered! How did you sleep?

Lacrimosa: Not well, but as well as could be expected I suppose.

Salem: Hi little doggie, woggie. How did you sleep, hmmm?

Lacrimosa: She was very restless all night, poor baby. Unfamiliar environment and all.

Salem: She seems like a very sweet girl.

Lacrimosa: She seems to like you.

Salem: Weird, hu?

Lacrimosa: Hmm, why do YOU think so?

Salem: Well, you'd think a supermodel's dog would only like fashionable people, and I'm kind of not fashionable.

Lacrimosa: Indeed. Well, perhaps she wants to roll on you or something. Dogs are like that.

Salem: Yeah! I love dogs.

Salem: Oooh! Casual day for Aunt Syri! Rowr rowr!

Syrinx: (laugh) Thanks, Salem.

Lacrimosa: It is an ... interesting ensemble you've chosen there. But no one will see you with me, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Syrinx: Are you ready to go?

Lacrimosa: Since the hospital has some stupid rule about no dogs, Salem, would you please keep an eye on Chardonnay for me while I'm gone?

Salem: Sure! Awww, come're baby doggie. Who's a widde biddle baby doggie? Awwww.

(Lacrimosa and Syrinx leave in silence)

Salem: Awww, do you want my coffee? Widde baby doggies can't have coffee. No they can't. Uh uh. Awww, you are so cute. Yes... who's a little cutie pie?

Hana: Oh My... what is that SMELL? Oh, it's that dog.

Salem: I think she smells nice.

Hana: Why would you drown your dog in perfume like that. It's like l'eau de pompous snob or something. Lacrimosa didn't take her with her?

Salem: Nope.

Hana: Handbag isn't big enough, apparently.

Salem: Awww, that's just mean.

Hana: I'll come back when my kitchen isn't reeking of pretentious snob dog.

Salem: Aww, I think she smells nice. Well, maybe it's a little strong, but you get used to it. Hana....

Chardonnay: WOOF. Grrrrr.

Salem: Awww, ignore her, Chardonnay. She's just grumpy. You are a little cutie patootie. Yes you are. Well... maybe we will take you for a walk and air you out a little bit. Do you want to go for a walk? Of course you do! What doggie woggie baby pie doesn't want to go for walkies! Lets go for walkies!!!