Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Story of the Supermodel - Pt 2

Tacos for a Supermodel?

Salem: Mmm... Hana, whatever you're cooking, it smells WONDERFUL.

Hana: It's taco meat for tonight... for when the model gets here. (sigh)

Salem: Aww, I'm sure she'll love them. How could anyone NOT love something that smells that good? Can I have some? Hmmm? Please? I've been cleaning the guest room all morning and I'm starving. Please?

Hana: No, it's for tonight. But I've got one of those pizza things you like so much in the microwave for you.

Salem: Ooooh, yummy! Psychic chef!

Hana: Just part of the job (smile).

Salem: Oooh, I hadn't realized wine was part of your taco recipe. Is that like some kind of "secret ingredient"?

Hana: (sipping wine) Um.... kinda.

Salem: Awww, you're really nervous about this, hu?

Hana: Yeah, I am. I don't know how to cook for a super model. She's going to hate everything. Sienna works with these kinds of people at school, and she said they're like that. (sigh)

Salem: Oh yeah? Well Sienna told ME that you can't judge people by appearances. I'm all gothy and scary lookin', but you like ME, right? I'll bet underneath the whole "model" thing, Lacrimosa is just a normal chick like any of us.

Hana: (sigh) I hope you're right, Salem. So... wanna be helpful?

Salem: Sure!

Hana: Run downstairs to the pantry, and grab me a bottle of the Tabasco and one of those jars of jalapeƱo peppers, please?

Salem: Yes, ma'am. I'm on it!

Hana: Oh man. I wish I had Salem's confidence that this wasn't going to be a complete nightmare. Tacos... for a supermodel... (sigh)