Saturday, June 30, 2007

Crouching Emi, Bathing Dragon

Wendy: Hey, Emi.

Emi: Oh! Hi, Wendy.

Wendy: You know, when Thorne told me you were spending all of your time in the bathroom, this was not what I thought he meant.

Emi: (laugh)

Emi: Nah, I spotted this little bathing dragon guy and thought he was so cute, I wanted to put him on my photo blog. Which reminds me... I'd been wanting to talk to you about that.

Wendy: I've seen your photo blog and it looks GREAT. I am so glad you're enjoying the camera.

Emi: Yeah, well... um. I do really enjoy the camera. A lot more than I enjoy writing, actually. And, I know you wanted me to take over the blog for a while...

Emi: ... and I know it makes me a not very good assistant, but honestly, I don't want to write Miranda Wandering while you take a break from it. I don't think I can. I'm not the storyteller. You are.

Wendy: Hmm... so what do you propose we do. Because, frankly, I'm about ready to just burn it down and forget there ever WAS a doll blog...

Emi: What if we just did a few weeks of Thorne doing interviews? He doesn't mind, and he's actually really been wanting to.

Wendy: But if...

Emi: I'll post them, so you won't have to touch the blog at all if you don't want to. And now I can take all the interview pictures, so you won't have to do that either. And that'll free up some time for you to play harp more.

Wendy: Well, I play the harp plenty now....

Emi: Belle told me you've been ditching her for lessons and that she's been learning all of her music from Thorne. And while Thorne is a great harp player, she really wanted to learn from YOU.

Wendy: Oh. I'm a bad harp teacher...

Emi: No, you've just gotten so involved in writing ABOUT us that you're not spending as much time WITH us. And that isn't good for anyone in the Treehouse.

Wendy: You're right, Emi. I'm sorry.

Emi: No apologies. You go back to playing the harp for a while, Thorne can do his interviews, and I can get back to taking pictures and not worry about the words.

Wendy: Deal. So... how long am I on break for?

Emi: Until you feel like you want to come back. Take as long as you want. Thorne and I have it handled. Promise.

Wendy: Thanks, Emi. You're the best assistant a girl could have.

Emi: Oh please. Now quit distracting me from my photography and go play your harp!

Wendy: (laughing) Yes, ma'am!