Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pixie Mortgage Payments

Ophelia: Well, I just don't think Snape did it. Well he did it but...

Eris: Did you READ the book? Pure evil, absolutely and when you take into consideration...

Freya: Hey you guys. How's the spinning going? It looks erm...

Ophelia: Well, we've got some problems.

Ophelia: These are all the gold coins I managed to spin out of the straw.

Freya: Doesn't look like enough, but we have the rest of the mortgage money hidden away right? So we're still okay.

Eris: Well, we WOULD be okay if SOMEONE hadn't given our mortgage money to Wendy for her sick hamster.

Hera: Only you could be so cruel as to turn your back on an innocent, suffering, sick fuzzy thing, Eris. You're just mean. She said her little Hami couldn't run! Hamsters should run, Eris!

Freya: She meant her hamster VAN, not a fuzzy little hamster. But that's still okay. We want the hamster van to run, since that's probably how the house will be arriving.

Freya: Um... why are we spinning copper coins?

Ophelia: Oh, and I suppose you got it right the first time YOU tried spinning straw into gold, hu?

Freya: Oh, um...

Ophelia: Once I got the hang of it, it went pretty easy. But now we're out of straw.

Freya: Is there anything we can substitute?

Ophelia: We tried substituting some of the prairie grass from outside, and... well. It didn't work.

Freya: What do you mean it didn't work?

Eris: We got Canadian coins.

Freya: Oh, yeah that isn't going to work.

Hera: Awww, little fuzzy beaver coin! Gimme!

Eris: NO! Mine!

Freya: Hey! There's no time for fighting. If you two want to get this house, we're going to have to figure out what to do!

Hera: I got it handled, Frey! Don't worry about anything! I sent Taelyn out to find us more straw.

Eris: And what will we do when he messes it up, hmmm?

Hera: He's not GOING to mess it up, Eris.

Freya: Well now, how could you mess up something like "find more straw"?

Ophelia: You have MET Taelyn, haven't you?

Taelyn: Hi you guys! I brought your straws! They're the bendy in the middle kind and they're NEON!

Freya: I guess I should know not to ask the question if I don't really want to know the answer.

Hera: Great! Thanks Taelyn! They're pretty!

Ophelia: Well, the one thing I will say about Taelyn. He's adorable. Much too adorable to kill.

Taelyn: Aww, thanks Miss Ophelia. I'm ... er... wait. What?