Thursday, June 21, 2007

Story of the Supermodel - Pt 4

Dinner With the Supermodel

Syrinx: There! You should be on the Treehouse network now.

Lacrimosa: I suppose I must be, though it's so slow, it's nearly impossible to tell.

Lacrimosa: Well, I'm sure decent wireless technology will find its way to Colorado eventually, sweetheart. I wouldn't worry. I mean, I assume running water has, right?

Syrinx: (sigh)

Lacrimosa: So, I guess I'll go unpack my things and settle into your "guest room".

Syrinx: Aren't you hungry? Hana made up some dinner, just for you.

Lacrimosa: Well, I suppose. So long as you promise me that dinner is not the reason there are no fish in this tank.

Syrinx: (sigh)

Syrinx: ... and so I said, "Well, officer, she had both of her wings on when we left."

Hana and Salem: (laughter)

Lacrimosa: (yawn)

Lacrimosa: Girl. Hana is it? You make me nervous. Hard to trust the work of a cook who won't eat her own food.

Salem: She's too nervous to eat. She's afraid you won't like her tacos.

Hana: Thanks, Salem. Thanks a lot.

Salem: Just sayin (murfle) nervous (chew, chew, chew) supermodel....

Syrinx: Salem, for crying out loud. Don't talk with your mouth full. And you apolgize to Hana right this second.

Salem: Sorry, Hana.

Hana: Whatever.

Lacrimosa: Well, as lovely as it's been to watch this little slice of Colorado family life, there is just not enough wine to get me through this meal. I think I will retire now. Please, don't let my leaving disturb your charming family squabble. Good night.


Lacrimosa: ...hick, redneck, freaks. Seriously, Murray. Remind me to fire you for this when I get back.

Lacrimosa: Assuming I'm not killed by charging buffalo or some Indians or something while I'm out here in the Wild freakin West.

Lacrimosa: What kind of manager sends his number one model to a place like this, Murray? I've stayed in nicer Motel Sixes.

Lacrimosa: These surgeons had better be phenomenal to be worth all of this. PHE - NOMENAL, Murray. Do you hear me? Murray? Hello? He hung up on me!! OH! (slamming down phone)