Monday, June 25, 2007

Story of the Supermodel - Pt 6

The Supermodel Recovering

Lacrimosa: (thinking to self) Ugh... this is awful. When I had my eyes done last year, it wasn't like this. Those HACKS. I'll sue them all. The entire hospital. My lips had better be unbelievably beautiful for all this. And my ears... I don't know why Murray thought my ears needed work, but whatever. Maybe I'll sue him too. After I fire him, yeah I'll...

Salem: Um... excuse me, Lacrimosa? Are you awake?

Lacrimosa: What the. Oh... it's you. What on EARTH are you wearing now? Those boots are so last month. What do you WANT?

Salem: I thought you might be hungry, so I asked Hana to make you up some nice broth and some lime pudding.

Lacrimosa: Dear God, please let this broth be from a can. Please. Even that wretched little foreign housekeeper couldn't screw up broth from a can. Ewww... and lime pudding. This is just disgusting.

Salem: So, how're you feeling? Aunt Syri said the doctors said that everything went really well and...Lacrimosa: Oh God, you actually think I want your company, don't you? (deep breath) As if there is ANYTHING you could say that would remotely interest me. Well, unless you'd finally realized that the kindest thing you could do for the world is to put a paper bag over your head. I would find that interesting. Unlikely, but interesting. GO AWAY.Salem: Um... I'll let you eat in peace. I'll come back after a while to help you with the bandages and see if we need to change them or anything. Okay? Enjoy! Nummy nums! (leaving)

Lacrimosa: Ugh, I wasn't nauseated before, but now... "nummy nums"? (rolling eyes) Maybe I can sue her too for mental torture while I was incapacitated. As if she has any money. I could just have her killed. I could have them ALL killed!