Monday, June 18, 2007

Story of the Supermodel - Pt 1

Hana: Hey, Syrinx. Got your note, what's up?

Syrinx: Hello, Hana. Please have a seat while we're waiting on the other two. I taped a note to Sienna's room, and Salem's room, though I don't know if Salem got hers. I get the feeling she sleeps in the guest room, but doesn't really spend any time there.

Hana: That doesn't surprise me. She spends all of her time with Sienna.

Syrinx: Really?

Hana: Yeah, after their... um... why are there no fish in this tank?

Syrinx: Turns out jelly fish are not the social tank species I was lead to believe.

Hana: Oh... so anyway, after their initial run-in, Sienna kind of took Salem under her wing. They've been inseparable and I think Sienna has been a really good influence on Salem. She's starting to take better care of herself, and she's even talking about attending college now. She's really come out of her shell a lot.

Syrinx: Wow. That's wonderful.

Hana: You haven't seen Salem in a while, have you?

Syrinx: Nah, I try not to pester her. She's a grown woman.

Hana: Well, if Sienna comes, Salem will be with her. And are YOU in for a surprise.

Sienna: (breathless) Hey, Syri. Hey, Hana. Sorry I'm late. Salem is right behind me.

Syrinx: You're not late yet. Got too wrapped up in your studies?

Sienna: Um... watching the Paris Hilton jail coverage, actually.

Syrinx: (sigh - shaking head)

Salem: Hi, Aunt Syrinx.

Syrinx: Salem! Wow! You look great! I love your hair... though, now if maybe it was a color OTHER than black...

Sienna: (quietly) One step at a time, Syri.

Syrinx: Ah, yes.

Syrinx: Anyway, ladies. I have called you all here to make a very important announcement. One of my most famous clients is coming to stay with us, for about a week...

Salem: Is it John Grisham?

Syrinx: No.

Salem: Oprah?

Syrinx: No...

Salem: I know, it's Carrot Top!

Sienna: Salem, ixnay on the uessingay. (pause - to Syrinx) You work with Carrot Top?

Syrinx: Enough! No, it is not any of those people. Supermodel, Lacrimosa, will be staying with us while she's having some... work, done here in Colorado.

Sienna: Lacrimosa? HERE?! Seriously? Wow... she uh... doesn't seem the Colorado type, really.

Syrinx: This is where her surgeons are, and our house was the safest place to keep her while she's here. Unfortunately, Salem, this means she's going to need the guest room. So you're either going to have to sleep on the couch, or go stay with your mother.

Salem: Couch. No problem. And I'll get the guest room all cleaned up for her. No problem. When is she coming?

Syrinx: Her flight arrives this afternoon. And girls, I am sure you understand that it is of the UTMOST importance that no one knows she's here. Lacrimosa values her privacy, and must not be disturbed by the paparazzi.

Salem: Got it, Aunt Syri.

Sienna: No kidding. Not a problem.

Hana: Not a problem but, um... what does one FEED a supermodel?

Sienna: (snicker) Not much. Maybe you could cut up an M&M for her. That should feed her all week.

Salem, Hana, Sienna: (Laughing)

Syrinx: Girls! Hana, I think for dinner we should have tacos. I don't think that Lacrimosa has a family meal very often, so let's show her how it's done, shall we?

Hana: Tacos? For a super model? You're kidding....