Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad, Bad Kitties

(camera sound - picture being taken)

Malaguena: There! That's beautiful!

Mathias: My turn!

Malaguena: No, my turn isn't over yet. I'm not done!

Sydney: Mal, everyone knows with as pretty as you are you should be in FRONT of the camera, not hidden behind it.

Malaguena: Awww, thanks Sydney.

Sydney: So it's my turn now, right?

Mathias: HEY!

Malaguena: ROWR!! No! I'm going to be a famous flower photographer and you're ruining my photography MOOD! (click)

Mathias: You're doing it wrong.

Malaguena: As if YOU would know!

Sydney: How come the flash didn't go off?

Malaguena: You have to push this button (click)

Sydney: GAH!! MY EYE!!!

Mathias: (laughing)

Malaguena: Hey (shaking camera) Sydney, your face broke it. It doesn't work! (click)

Malaguena: Oh, there it goes.

Mathias: It's. My. Turn!!!! GIMME!

Malaguena: NO!

Sydney: Be careful! You'll break it and it's MY turn!


Malaguena: Mathias! Look what you've done!!

Mathias: ME? It got broken while it was YOUR turn so it must be YOUR fault.

Sydney: Um... I never touched it at all. So it wasn't MY fault.

All three: I'M TELLING!!! (kitties running away noises)

Thorne: (sigh) Those cats...