Monday, May 21, 2007

Temporary Blogging and Bad Kitties

Thorne: Hello, Emi.

Emi: (deep sigh) Hi, Thorne.

Thorne: Um... Emi, why aren't there any pictures in this entry?

Emi: Those... those CATS stole the camera Wendy gave me.

Thorne: The Purr-jon sisters?!

Emi: No... those OTHER cats.

Thorne: Oh... well, did you tell Wendy?

Emi: No, I don't want to bother her while she's taking her break from the blog. But I can't do blog updates without pictures. Wendy's the storyteller, not me. (sigh) What am I going to do?

Thorne: Well, when the morning DJs on the radio go on vacation, the station plays "best of" shows while they're gone. What if you just did a "Best of Miranda Wandering" segment for a few entries?

Emi: You think that would work?

Thorne: I don't see why not. I can't imagine that most readers have gone back and read the old posts, and a LOT happened on the blog before you got here. Why don't you go back and read a few, pick your favorites and repost them? And I'll see if I can't get a couple of interviews rounded up for you in the meantime.

Emi: Oh, Thorne, would you? That would be wonderful. Honestly, I'm not always sure _I_ know who everyone is.

Thorne: No problem. I'm happy to help. I'll have a talk with those camera stealing felines too. We'll get this straightened out, Emi. Don't worry about a thing.