Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lenore and the Cops - Pt 2

Jade: Okay, St. Cloud, tell me again what this brillant plan of questioning the children was supposed to get us?

Azrael: Agent Blackpool, you have too little faith...

Jade: Oh? Allow me to read back what we have so far. From our last interview we got...

Jade: "I don't know anything. You can feel free to torture me, but I still don't know anything. I wasn't there. Why, I was dead at the time. Wait, what was the question again?"

Jade: Helpful, that. You are wasting my time, St. Cloud. I am losing patience, and about to report to your department that you are not only not ASSISTING, you're HINDERING my investigation.

Azrael: Agent Blackpool, you should know, effective investigation takes time. Both afternoons have actually been held just to speak to one child. We couldn't safely interview ONLY her, because it would draw suspicion and frighten her. But I do believe you will find that our final child interviewee does, in fact, know something about the crime... And here she is now. Hello, Lenore.

Lenore: Hello.
Jade: Lenore, I'm Agent Jade Blackpool. And this is Detective Azrael St. Cloud. Do you know why we've asked you to come talk to us this afternoon?

Lenore: No, Ma'am. I had not thought I was asked, I thought I was commanded to come speak to you. And I have no idea why.

Lenore: Though, I have previously met Mr. St. Cloud, and regardless of what you have to ask me, I have nothing more to say to him.

Jade: Oh, for crying out loud. You take the CAKE, St. Cloud. You've interviewed her already?!

Azrael: No... no, let me handle this.

Azrael: You are really mad at me, aren't you Lenore?

Lenore: No, sir.

Azrael: I think you are. I think you're angry because you feel I lied to you that night, at the family portrait. But I didn't lie, Lenore.

Azrael: I really WAS here for the family portrait, and I WAS worried Wendy would be angry at me. I told you those things and they were true.

Lenore: I am not angry at you, and I do not mean to be disrespectful, Sir, but your words do not mean what they seem to. You are tricky and deceitful, and you let me believe things about you that were not so. I thought you were a friend, and instead, you were a... you were not a friend. I'm sorry, but I have nothing more to say to you.

Jade: (quietly) Well, she might not know about the murder, but she certainly seems to know all about YOU. (snicker) Lenore, would you be more comfortable just talking to ME? I could send him away. Believe me, I'd be happy to.

Lenore: No, thank you, Ma'am, it wouldn't change anything. I still wouldn't have anything to tell you. I don't know why I'm even here. I don't know anything about a murder, or burgurlary, or briefcase or anything. I don't know anything you want to know and I just want to go home and do my homework.

Tegen: Okay, this is enough.

Tegen: I have watched the two of you badger and upset my students for two days now, and it's enough. Lenore has said she has nothing to tell you, and I think that's the end of the interview. Lenore, come along. I'll walk you home.

Jade: (sigh) So... that was completely pointless. You have successfully wasted two of my afternoons.

Azrael: Oh, the afternoon was not wasted, Blackpool. How unfortunate that you think so.

Azrael: Truthfully, I don't think it could've gone better! So, what time shall we meet tomorrow to go over....

Jade: WHAT? How could it have gone any WORSE? We got to spend our time badgering a bunch of innocent kids, who didn't know anything and then we got chewed out by Mary Freakin Poppins!

Azrael: I am surprised at you, Blackpool. We made great progress here. We've established with Lenore who the "good" and "bad" cop are. And this is important because, if Lenore is such an "innocent" kid who "doesn't know anything" then how did she know that it was a briefcase that was stolen in the burgulary?

Azrael: I'll see you tomorrow, Agent Blackpool. And then we'll figure out the next step to take in OUR investigation.

(Azrael leaves)

Jade: (to self) That self-righteous rat... (snort)... I don't care if he IS right, he's still a smarmy rat.