Monday, May 07, 2007

Flutter of Tiny Wings

Emi: Aww, thanks for letting me contribute to the blog, Wendy. I'll start thinking of filler posts I can do while you're in school. Now, on to our next piece of business this afternoon...

(flutter flutter)

Emi: ... I am sorry to report that two of the tinies, Aleister and Minnie are both asking about the possibility of finding a new home.

Wendy: Oh no! Did they say why?

(flutter flutter)

Emi: Apparently there was some kind of incident involving the cats.

Wendy: You mean the Purr-jon sisters?

Emi: No, those... wha?

(flutter flutter)

Emi: Did you see that?

Wendy: Um... no... I didn't see anything. And you should know that I don't consider insanity a good reason to be allowed to quit your job, given who you work for and all.

(flutter flutter)

Emi: Funny. Ha, ha. Anyway.... no, those other three cats. And I'd been meaning to talk to you about them, they... GAH!

(flutter flutter flutter)

Emi: I would've sworn I saw something... right there... I....

(flutter flutter)

Emi: Oh! Wendy, look!

Wendy: Well I'll be...
Emi: So, any thoughts on why we have pixavians in the house? Where on earth did they come from?

Wendy: I didn't know there was such a thing, and I have no clue where they could've come from. But I think I have a pretty good idea what they came FOR. Come look...

(tiny hammering sounds)

Andara: That should be just about right, Saoirse! Well... maybe just a little more to the left.

Saoirse: What? I can't hear you! I'm hammering!!!

Saoirse: Oh! Hi Wendy! Did you see the birds?

Wendy: I DID! They're here for your birdfeeders, hu?

Saoirse: Yeah! And so I made them this little birdhouse so they don't have to commute so far for lunch!

Wendy: That's really sweet, Saoirse.

Andara: Saoirse! You be careful up there!

Saoirse: What? I can't hear you! What did you...

Saoirse: AAAAAAAH!!!! Help!!

Emi: Gotcha!

Andara: Oh!

Wendy: Good catch, Emi!

Saoirse: YAAY! Again!!!

Emi: There, are you okay?

Saoirse: Yeah. Thanks! Um... Emi, since you're so tall and all... could you... maybe...

Emi: Okay, so how's that?

Saoirse: Perfect! Well, maybe just a little bit to the right....

Andara: Wendy, I know you like bird photography. If you want to photograph our little birds, you can any time you want. Okay?

Wendy: Aww, thanks, Andi. They are so pretty, I think that maybe I will.