Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Like an Animal?

Syrinx: Salem! Are you okay?

Salem: Awake... so... early.... not enough... coffee.... bleargh...

Syrinx: Salem, it's four thirty in the afternoon. Did you really just get up?

Salem: Yeah... man, 4:30, no wonder I'm tired. That's early for me. But my friends really wanted to catch this concert, so I promised I'd be ready by five so we could go stand in line...

Phaedra: (snort) We come here, and my daughter chooses to live like an animal. Unbelievable.

Syrinx: Phae.... Salem, we're going to dinner with Halcee and Grainne. We'll be back later, okay? I'll have my cell phone if you need anything. Be safe, all right?

Salem: Bye... have fun... day dwellers...

(doors close... doors open... sounds of someone getting something out of the refrigerator)

Sienna: "Living like an animal", hu? That's pretty insulting.

Salem: Awww, thank you supportive voice that's probably just in my head. But that's just how my mom is. She doesn't mean it. (looking up) You one of the college girls living here?

Sienna: Yeah, I rent a room from your Aunt Syri. She's pretty cool. And it really WAS pretty insulting.

Salem: Well, I don't take her very....

Sienna: Not insulting to YOU. Insulting to us ANIMALS.

Salem: Woah.