Friday, May 04, 2007

Lorelei Arrives

Ullrich: Tegen, I don't understand why you're so nervous. I'm prepared. I really am.

Tegen: I don't know, Ullrich. I just have a feeling that there is a lot about your sister and her past that you're going to have to... adapt to.

Ullrich: But she's FREE now! She'll be so happy. I'm so glad we brought her home, Tegen.

Tegen: I wish I had your confidence, sweetheart. Slavery is... well, an insidious thing. It has a way of getting into the head of those who are enslaved...

Ullrich: I'm telling you, it's going to be FINE! Once she realizes she doesn't have to take orders anymore, and that she can do whatever she wants... oh, she's going to be so happy here. How come YOU'RE such an expert on slavery, anyway? Hmmm?

Tegen: Well, when I first got my teaching degree, all those years ago I....

(quiet knock at door)

Tegen: That must be her.

Ullrich: She's here!

Tegen: You stay right here. Please? You don't know... well, stay here. Okay?

Ullrich: You don't have to talk to me as if I'm one of your students, Tegen. I'll stay here, though I don't understand why.

Tegen: Please trust me, okay? They don't know they just sold her to her brother, and well... just stay here.

Tegen: Hello.

Lorelei: Greetings, Mistress. May this girl speak?

Tegen: Yes, you may speak, girl.

Lorelei: This girl has been sent with greetings and salutations to the Masters and Mistresses of the Treehouse from Lord Kelgari, Master of the Keep of the Golden Lion. This girl has been instructed that this is her new residence, and has been trained in many ways that Lord Kelgari felt would make her more valuable to this house. This girl has been told to tell you Lord Kelgari hopes you will be pleased with your purchase, and to remind you that there are no returns after 14 days.

Ullrich: Um... why is she kneeling? And what did she just say?

Tegen: I swear, you really are just as bad as any of my students, Ullrich.

Ullrich: Come on up, Lore! It's me, Ullrich! Your big brother, welcome home!!

Ullrich: Lore?

Tegen: Oh Ullrich, you don't understand..... girl, you are welcome to the Treehouse, and we do thank your previous Master. Please throw back your hood, that we may look upon you.

Lorelei: Yes, Mistress.

Ullrich: Mistress?! Tegen, what are you doing? She's not a slave anymore, she's my SISTER! Lore, I...

Tegen: (quietly) Wait...

Ullrich: OH MY GOD. Tegen! What have they DONE to her?!

Tegen: She is decorated as a slave... like you would dress up a car you were selling, or a horse...I told you, her previous owner didn't know he just sold her to her brother.

Ullrich: Oh my God, she's a MONSTER.

Tegen: Ullrich... stop, it will be okay... it's just going to take time.

Lorelei: (sniffle)