Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scouting Out the Competition - by Miranda

So, it was brought to my attention that there was another book and coffee place just up the street, and that they were open for 24 hours! Competition! Already! So I had to go scout them out. Place called Fireside Books and Coffee, in Englewood, Colorado.

Nice enough looking place.

I played it cool, not letting on that I was there as a fellow coffee shop/book store owner. Their baked goods and coffee looked great, and that was a bad thing.


I don't know why Wendy ever thought this place would be competition. They don't have any pixie sized ANYTHING. Duh. But I still wanted to look around.

We'll never have to put up signs like this. Shoplifters in C&M Books and Coffee will be immediately killed and ground up in the garbage disposal. But I think they frown on that in the human world. Pity.

They have a great selection of books. Too big for pixies, but just right for human types.

Their fireplace is pretty. Heck, their whole place is really nice. Though, as I look at these pictures I feel like it's "Where's Waldo: Miranda Edition". This place is GIGANTIC. Well, when you're 4.5 inches tall it is.

Nice atmosphere. Maybe we need a grandfather clock or something.

One huge piano, but it's really cool. How many coffee shops do you know of with a baby grand?

My coffee shop doesn't have room for one, or else you would now know of two.

They have a frequent book buyer card thingy. Which is an idea I am totally stealing borrowing. And that's when I decided it was time to reveal that I was a fellow coffee shop/book store owner and see if they had any advice.

First, I met the incredibly cool Cassidy. He's kind of the Fireside Books and Coffee sage. He's there a lot, and you can ask him all kinds of questions. He's working on a degree in Medieval Metaphysics, or should be, anyway.

He also has nifty video game tattoos like this one, which is the Mega Man power bar (yeah, I'm totally not cool enough to have just known that. I had to ask. But he was really nice about it. As if you would've known.)

The owner is this really nice guy named Sam. He was very kind and we talked about his point of sale software, and that kind of technical stuff.

We decided that he can have all the human customers that won't fit in my shop, and I'll take care of all the pixie customers that are just too tiny for his shop.

So you human types wanting coffee and books, check out Fireside Books and Coffee. They're open 24 hours, 365 days, they're friendly and awesome, and you're just the right size to fit in their shop.


  1. Sounds like a win-win situation Miri. Thanks for showing us around.

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Hey Creekside! Thanks. It was a lot of fun meeting them, and I'm glad that they're not going to be a problem for C&M. They seem like nice folks, and make good coffee. I'd recommend them to any of my human friends.

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Looks like a really cool place!

  4. I would love to find a 24 hour bookstore and coffee shop! Whata wonderful find, Miranda!

  5. I dont know why I didnt read that before, but that was funny. I like your corporal punishment deal for thieves. lol you looked adorable in the aisle between the book shelves!