Sunday, May 01, 2011

Coming Soon...

Clara: When were we supposed to meet Chloris?

Miranda: We're not going to be late. Quit fretting. Fretter.

Clara: Wasn't this your rotten sister's house?

Miranda: Yeah, though, since she's been locked up, it's been rented out a bunch of times. I dunno who's living there now. Maybe no one.

Clara: Yeah?

Miranda: Oh yeah. After the terrible things she did, and the trouble she caused, I can't imagine the Fae Court is going to let her out anytime soon.

Clara: Good.

Clara: It's going to be weird being right next to the old "Clara's".

Miranda: Meh, at least we know the new neighbor has good taste in buildings.

Clara: It didn't seem weird to you that he paid cash for the old coffee shoppe?

Miranda: Nah, he's in the pawn shop business. They have lots of cash, right?

Miranda: Besides, it gave us the money for the NEW coffee shop, so we really can't complain, right?

Clara: Right.

Miranda: Hey, Chloris!

Clara: Hi, Chloris!

Chloris: Here's all the paperwork and the key. Mr. Takanori regrets that he could not be here to finish the transaction, but he's got a bad cold.

Miranda: No problem. Tell him thank you. Again. You guys have been great to work with.

Clara: Miri! Look! Just look! Isn't it wonderful?

Miranda: You know, we can go IN and look. It's ours now.

Clara: Oh yeah! *laugh*

Miranda: Ooooh, it's nice.

Miranda: This rocks. That C. Pender outdid himself. This is amazing.

Clara: It's beautiful!

Miranda: So much SPACE! This is great!

Clara: We really needed a bigger space for the coffee shop, and especially with you coming on with your used books.

Miranda: Absolutely. This is perfect.

Clara: *ahem* Yes m'am, what imaginary coffee beverage may I get you?

Miranda: Hmm...

Miranda: I think I'll have an imaginary latte with extra imaginary whipped cream. Since it won't trash my imaginary diet.

Clara: *laugh*

Clara: This is going to be the best coffee shop ever.

Miranda: I think so.

Miranda: And we haven't even been upstairs yet!

Clara: I can't get over all these windows! The lighting is beautiful. Some plants maybe...

Miranda: You get to water them. I'm bad with plants.

Clara: Okay, you got it. You first, upstairs is YOUR domain.

Miranda: I like the sound of that. I have a domain! Awesome.

Miranda: Wow. My domain is awesome. Check this out.

Clara: Look at all the shelves!

Miranda: Can't you just imagine them filled with used books?

Clara: The view from up here is really neat.

Miranda: I do love balconies.

Clara: So pretty.

Miranda: *clearing throat* Hwooooocccchhhhhhhhhrrrrrr...

Clara: MIRI! You WOULDN'T!

Miranda: *Coughing* What?

Clara: You wouldn't spit off the balcony, would you? Really?

Miranda: Nah. Just kidding.

Miranda: Probably.

Clara: *harumph*

Clara: Wow.

Miranda: Whatcha thinkin', business partner?

Clara: I'm thinking this is all just so amazing, I could cry.

Miranda: Awww, Clara. If you want to cry, just think about how much work it's going to take each day to fill this counter with yummy pastries and bagels and how many extra hours we're going to be here because this is going to be the most awesome book and coffee place EVER. We'll probably NEVER be home!

Clara: You have such a way of putting things in perspective, Miri.

Miranda: What are friends for? So, ready to go?

Clara: Almost, I have one thing to do before we can go.

Miranda: Oh, I see.

Clara: The official "C&M Coffee and Books" bells for the door. Nice, hu?

Miranda: Yeah, I liked 'em at the old shop, and I think they're great here too. Nice one, Clara.

Clara: Okay, so I'll meet you back here first thing tomorrow morning, right?

Miranda: Right.

Clara: I wonder what our Pawn Shop neighbors will be like.

Miranda: Meh, as long as they like coffee and books I don't care.


Some of the shots in this blog entry could not have been done at all with my old camera (the one I accidentally killed a while back).

This blog entry was shot with a spiffy new camera, which I LOVE, courtesy of Trygve Lode of the Treehouse. Thank you, Trygve! - Wendy


  1. Holy smokes! Your camera angles really blow me away. Do you have a macro lens? I love your presentation. It really makes me feel like I've been zapped to Tiny size and can walk in the fantastical world of Miranda's Wandering.

  2. Hi TiaNor! Thank you! That you felt like you were inside the little world of Miranda Wandering is the nicest thing you could've told me. Thank you so much. :) The angles are a combination of amazing, custom house (my Dad builds them with features that allow me to get into them in different ways, like the front and back of this one open and the roof comes up), and awesome camera. I'm really glad you liked it. :) Thank you.