Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Not Quite Bedtime

Clara: Well... I guess it's bedtime.

Clara: But I'm not really sleepy.

Clara: Maybe just a walk. Yeah, a quick walk just around the block. Yeah!

Clara: Yep, just around the block a bit. Hey, while I'm wandering past the shop I could...

Clara: My shop!!! All the lights are on!

Clara: Whoever broke in might still be inside. Who breaks into a shop that's not even open yet? Hmmm....

Clara: Hello? Anyone here?

Miranda: HEY! Crazy mouse! Don't you SLEEP?!? It's the middle of the night!

Clara: *laughing* You know, I could ask you the same thing!

Clara: What are you doing up here?

Miranda: If you must know, I brought a surprise. Come look.

Miranda: I thought the first two books in the shop should be our two favorites. I know you love "Little Women" and "Robin Hood" is a favorite of mine.

Clara: Awww, that's so sweet! And kind of funny. Because I have a surprise for YOU too! Come downstairs!

Miranda: Okay, what?

Clara: No peeking.

Miranda: Fine.

Clara: Okay, you can look now.

Miranda: Hey! It's our mugs from the old Clara's!

Clara: I thought the first two mugs in the place should be ours. It just seemed right.

Miranda: Tomorrow, when we set up the coffee maker, this is going to be a very good thing.

Clara: And we're probably going to NEED coffee, since we were both up all night.

Miranda: Yeah, there's that. Let's go home. I'll get the lights.

Clara: So, see you here in the morning?

Miranda: Absolutely! See you tomorrow! Night night.

Clara: Night night, Miri.


  1. OMG...I want to come over in the morning for a cup of COFFEE and browse the books....SO wonderful, Wendy! <3

  2. Wow the shop looks so great!! Clara and Miranda look so happy :D

  3. Thank you both!

    Greta,once it's open, come on down! I'll have to see if I can get a little mug that says "Greta" to put on the shelf for Clara's Coffee Club, so you know you're welcome. :)

    Thanks, Bunny. I think they're both pretty tickled to be moving to a bigger location. The old coffee shop was a little small from the start, so I think this will be a lot better for business. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, you guys. It means a lot. :)