Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th at C&M

*Miranda typing*

Miranda: Okay, so then if I schedule Thorne to play harp on the following Saturday, that leaves....


Miranda: What the heck?!

Miranda: Hmm... ghost maybe? But in a brand new building? Mysterious.

Miranda: Though, even more mysterious would be why a ghost would have a grudge against my push broom. It must've just fallen over...


Miranda: Seriously?

Miranda: Hmm... so now it's after my bagel tray? Really?

Miranda: Is Friday the 13th even a ghost and haint kind of day? I don't even know. I should look that up. Maybe we need an exorcist?


Miranda: Oh!

Miranda: Oh, I see.

Miranda: We don't need an exorcist. We need an exterminator.

Miranda: Oh... it must've come in because of the chocolate from that meeting the other day. It'll probably leave on it's own now that the chocolate is gone. We haven't even brought any food for the counter in yet and it's still a couple weeks before we'll be stocking the place.

Miranda: Man, "ghosts and haints"? *chuckle* I think it might be time to go home and get some sleep.

Miranda: One little chocolate loving mouse. Not a big deal.

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